Right now, when the whole world fits right in your pocket, there is nothing that one device is incapable of doing. But in IT industries or in any other profession there are certain devices assigned for one particular work.

There are PCs designed for gaming, designing, business work, etc. Till now, there was no one processor designed to do all these tasks efficiently, but with the discovery of the Windows 10 operating system, we can truly say that the world is in our hands.

 The Windows 10 operating system is capable of performing multiple tasks with so much ease that so far, it is considered as the greatest invention of Microsoft. Windows 10 is user-friendly; there is hardly a time when the user faces difficulty in performing tasks on this operating system. You can visit Gamivo to get your Windows 10 product key for activation of the operating system.

Along with its high efficiency and multitasking ability, the Windows 10 operating system also has the following outstanding features:

Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Surface Tablet

The Rebirth of the Start Menu:

Microsoft introduced the start menu on the desktops again with Windows 10. Earlier, in Windows 8 it had been removed but in Windows 10, it reappears on the bottom left corner.

When you click the start button today, you get your most recently used apps, pinned applications, and the conventional shutdown, restart, and sleep operations.

The rebirth of the start menu has increased the user interface and simplicity in the operating system.

Voice Assistance:

Windows 10 brings you Cortona, the voice assistant. With the help of Cortona, you can access any application using just your voice.

Cortana helps you with typing, recording, searching, etc. Windows 10 operating system brings out the best version of this voice search assistance.

Cortona can be changed to any language you want and you can also change the voice quality. With the help of this feature, people who have poor typing skills or those who are packed with multiple tasks can now work more efficiently.

Multiple Desktops:

Coders, gamers, and businessmen demand to multitask, and it becomes costly and ineffective to manage two or more PCs. But with Windows 10’s multiple desktop feature, one can multitask on a single laptop.

Virtual desktops allow users to work on two or more desktops simultaneously.

This multiple desktop feature is also known as “Task View”. It is very simple to activate as well. All one has to do is click on the plus sign on the bottom right corner of the toolbar and you can add another desktop to your existing laptop.

Windows 10 Features You Might Have Missed 1
Office Packages

God Mode:

For all the gamers out there, this God Mode in Windows 10 is similar to the one you see in video games. God Mode in games enables the player to have superhuman powers.

In Windows 10, God Mode transforms your computer into a super-computer.

To activate God Mode in Windows 10, you need to create a folder and name it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

God Mode will open a whole new category of advanced features such as managing tasks, scheduling events, customized file folders, etc.

Universal Applications:

It is difficult to make transitions across devices. So, Microsoft introduced new software called “Universal Apps” which will help make the device to device transition easier.

Universal App uses the same code but adapts the interface of the device. which makes the usage of any application easy, irrespective of the device used.

The content of the app will be stored as well as synced through Microsoft Cloud service, so you will never lose any of the data and can start from where you left.

Along with these top 5 features, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is powerful and full of extraordinary features. One can always explore this operating system to its fullest as it has a lot to offer.

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