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It is no secret that the tech industry continues to boom, making it flush with plentiful job opportunities. Within this vast industry, there are specific paths that are particularly well-suited for people who display inherent creativity or artistic skills, especially in coding bootcamps. Here are three of the best tech career routes if you are the creative type.

Web Developer

This is a great career option if you have an affinity for creating websites. It allows you to combine coding skills with design, vision, and expression. You can also create a secure coding training plan for this role. This job requires that you create websites that fit the client’s specific goals and overall vibe. While the job duties can vary from one position to the next, most web developers are responsible for code writing and the actual creative design of the website. From writing the HTML to editing graphics, this comprehensive job will require that you learn both the practical and creative elements of website design.

Video Game Developer

As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, video games are becoming more complex than ever before. With this growing technical complexity comes a high demand for game developers that are able to continually invent new processes. According to SAE, video game development careers focus on both technical and creative elements of game design. This gives you the opportunity to combine both of these skill sets for an exciting career option. Augmented reality games are another approach to this career path. This specialized niche of video game developing is clearly a future hotspot, making it an especially attractive field for creative types who want to work in technology.

Mobile Designer

In today’s increasingly connected world, mobile communication reigns supreme. This heavy consumer reliance on mobile technology has opened up a host of new tech career opportunities for those with a creative touch. According to Eduonix, a mobile designer creates apps that can be used on tablets, smartphones or any other type of portable technology devices. In addition to designing apps that engage users, a mobile designer also needs to make sure that the platforms are user-friendly and enhance the experience. This requires a special skill for balancing the technology demands with the creative process to deliver a product that is both easy to use and engaging. The user experience can be everything when it comes to the success or failure of a mobile app.

All three of these career paths will require you to balance your creativity with the always evolving field of technology. Regardless of what path you choose, you will enjoy relative job security and a fun way to stretch your creative urges.

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