SSL Certificate

The Significance of SSL Certificates in Web Security

The need for the secure transmission of data has always been a requirement in applications that deal with sensitive pieces of data. However, with the recent data breaches and cyber attacks, it’s not surprising that you might be wondering what you can do to protect your website from hackers and other threats. One of the …

house alarm

8 Reasons Why Proper Home Security Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

A home is one of the most expensive purchases that you’ll ever invest in. You spend years saving for just the right place. It’s critical to feel safe in your home and, unfortunately, the world isn’t such a safe place anymore. You need to be proactive in protecting your family and property, so here are …

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Keeping Your Home Secure While You’re Away for the Holidays

End-of-year holidays are approaching quickly, and people are beginning to finalize their travel plans. While many people are having to rethink plans from years past, due to COVID-19, many are still planning on leaving home to see family members. After a year of self-isolation, some families are pleased to get out of the house—some are …

Great Wall of China

The Great Firewall Is Full of Holes

Irrespective of its morality, China’s great firewall is truly a modern technical marvel. This countrywide firewall severely restricts what Chinese citizens can access on the internet. It is one of the few global examples of a national internet censorship system and is arguably the most successful of them all. But while China’s great firewall has …

Cyber Security

How Artificial Intelligence Promotes Security for Online Casinos

Artificial Intelligence is an attempt to recreate human intelligence within computers. Scientists and tech experts have been able to create AI machines and even robots that do work with human-like cognition, but most people in the niche believe the technology is not perfected yet. There may be some time to go before AI is the …

Cyber Crime

Securing your Network from Phishing Scams

There are many different ways that you may be sent a phishing email as these campaigns are now combining online methods with offline ploys. Pop-up ads are reinforced by phone calls if the appropriate personal information is obtained by the scammers. However, despite these moves Phishing remains a mainly online form of attack for cybercriminals. …

Laptop User

Residential Proxies: Are They Truly Anonymous?

It is easy to underestimate the importance of freedom of speech if you live in a democratic country. You can say what is on your mind without any repercussions. There are places, however, that place a dangerous premium on free speech. This is especially a speech that does not support the state or a particular …

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Comparing Paid and Free Antivirus Software in 2020

Many free antivirus software products are just as good at protecting your devices against malware as paid-for ones. So, why should you spend money on protection? Well, your specific circumstances may demand more security features, especially if you are using antimalware for commercial use. Here is a look at how the best free and pay-for …

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Use Anonymous Hacker Email With Correct Data Encryption!

In light of recent Internet events that confirm the increasing risk of user data leakage, there is a need for reliable and anonymous services. These services can provide each person with a high guarantee of security and confidentiality of any data transmitted via email. But how do you choose a service that is completely secret …

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Facial Recognition: Convenience and Security vs Privacy

Technology, over the past few years, has grown by leaps and bounds. Much of that new tech is going directly toward our places of work and even within our mobile devices. This has certainly made many aspects of our lives much more convenient. Still, speak with anyone utilizing this tech, and they will often state that they are unsure of having their facial recognition information in company systems.