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Tech-forward companies have been leading the way into the digital marketing revolution, but the print market is not dead yet. In fact, up to 82% respondents in a recent study by Marketing Sherpa said that they trusted print advertising in magazines and newspaper more than digital marketing when it comes to making purchasing decisions. When it comes to designing marketing strategies to help your tech brand stand out, it’s important to understand that while digital advertising is more diverse and the core pillar of marketing campaigns today, print advertising still plays a vital role in influencing your target audience.

Print Advertising Guarantees Memorable Products

Yes, consumers are almost bombarded with digital advertisements on the internet and other digital marketing avenues, but they don’t always receive simple, precise, and well-crafted print media. When consumers do get print advertisements, they often stand out and make an even stronger impression. For instance, companies creating tech products that make day-to-day life easier for people may opt to use postal marketing to target potential customers using creatively-designed print adverts.

A company like allows you to print stamps online so you can personalize your print advertisements. More than 80% of Americans who received printed promotional products with logos on them are likely to remember the company’s name even after the purchase. Being able to see, touch, and feel a printed advertisement creates a unique experience that customers can remember. This way, your business can build a positive customer experience.  

Print Advertising Reaches a Wider Audience

A recent study revealed that 85% of consumers actually read and sort their mail on a daily basis, with up to 40% trying out new businesses after receiving direct-mail advertisements. Additionally, print advertisements outperform email advertisements by 10 to 30 times. If you want your tech company to reach a wider audience, consider using both print ads and digital ads to impact more potential customers. Simply focus on targeting the right audience, create appealing and valuable offers and back them up with a great ad design. To make your ads even more effective, create interactivity by using a combination of QR codes and customized mobile phone apps. This will further enhance brand experience across a wider audience.   

Investing in Print Advertising Increases Sales

With tech companies revolutionizing almost every consumer market, the competition to drive more sales keeps increasing. Despite the options available to market new tech, most companies tend to forget that print advertising is actually the best converting marketing method. Direct Marketing Association revealed in a business study that for every dollar spent on print advertising, businesses are able to generate an average of $12.57 in sales. On average, digital marketing online offers returns of $11 for every dollar invested. These statistics cut across all business industries, so don’t hesitate to use print media to promote your tech startup.

As you consider the options available to get more customers and market your products or services, don’t forget about print advertisements. Analyze your print advertisement needs, your target audience and create a compelling message that resonates with your customers.

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