How Can Tech Brands Stand Out?

Celeb Endorcements

Last updated on January 19th, 2024 at 01:10 am

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When it comes to the technology industry, there are many ways in which you can stand out. But there’s a reason we hear so much about Samsung and a reason why they have developed an almost 20% market share of smartphone sales. Their PR machine works like a well-oiled machine, not just to churn out news stories and ways for fans to hear about upcoming products, but also by making fans drag information down from the company. Hype and buzz are still some things that money can’t buy when it comes to the tech world. But how else can companies help themselves and their technologies stand out?

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Celebrity Endorsements

Word of mouth marketing and referrals have always driven the technology industry, especially when it comes to gaming. New releases are often absorbed by the early adopters, who drive conversations around them. By the time they hit the mainstream, the hype machine has already snowballed out of control. And there’s one way in which this word of mouth can be added to: with celebrity endorsements. From the days of Microsoft 95, which saw Friends stars endorse the software to Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne showcasing Best Buy in 2011. Tech uses influencers in order to give trust signals about a product. Online games at William Hill, for example, have a series dedicated to boxing supreme Mike Tyson. The move helps people find the games they want to play by using the name of one of boxing’s greatest. Beyoncé was the face of the Nintendo DS and Chance the Rapper revealed on Instagram how much of a fan of Nintendo Switch he is. By showing that our favorite celebrities are engaging with a brand and product in gaming, we are more likely to try it out.

Celeb Endorcements

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Latest Developments

The tech industry especially has to be on the cusp of the latest advances in the industry. Brands such as Kodak famously lost huge arms of their business by being too late to embrace change, and leading the pack when it comes to developments is critical. Companies that offered bitcoin payments before they were the done thing – such as Overstock and TigerDirect – are prime examples. Harnessing some form of AR technology helped Niantic take the Pokémon franchise to dizzying new heights. Elsewhere in tech, Google has created a pair of headphones that operate with Google Translate in almost real time, allowing people who use them with their Pixel smartphones to hear translations from other languages. Technology that simplifies what could only be dreamed of as fantasy decades ago is the way forwards. By focusing on the next wave of technology and being the first to produce something that nobody else is doing is a sure way to ensure a brand stands out in a saturated tech market.

Standing out in technological industries is critical in order to have any success. There are a multitude of techniques that can help with this and each brand will use the ones that make the most sense for them. From being endorsed by a trusted celebrity to harnessing the newest tech advancement, the tech industry will always continue to try to stand out.

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