Automating tasks can be vital for a business, because not only does it help time, it also saves resources. And since every business is looking to make the most out of its resources, it’s a great idea to focus on finding proper automation tools. Here are some of the ones to keep in mind.


Creatio is a very popular low code automation platform. It works in a similar vein to power app solutions, but it targets only businesses. You can use Creatio as a way to automate service processing, as well as marketing and sales. The workflows you can start creating with this tool can be very simple, but also very complex. And you also have other things like task management, process approvals and modeling. They also add machine learning and AI to ensure everything is as smooth and as time-saving as it can be. does an excellent job at helping you set up and automate projects and tasks. Its main role is to improve productivity, while also allowing you to track and manage projects fast. On top of that, it’s also a lot easier to assign tasks, but also integrate attachments and even communicate with team members. It’s a solid option to consider especially if you have a large, complex business.


The main role for ActiveCampaign is to help you boost conversions and engagement. You will access things like CRM features, but also email marketing and marketing automation. Being able to automate the way you connect with customers, while still offering personalization can be difficult. It takes a lot of time to do that manually, but ActiveCampaign helps eliminate the hassle. It offers a great way to personalize all the content, while still offering a fast and seamless process for your business.


Kissflow was made as a cloud focused business process management system. You have access to a large variety of tools, and the main focus here is to create workflows, rules and steps that help you optimize every task. Being able to automate some of the tasks and reducing errors is a major plus, and that’s where Kissflow shines. Not only that, but you have task execution consistency along with great transparency. You can also connect data sources and systems without a problem thanks to the great integration. As a whole, it’s a solid tool with powerful features and it can be adjusted to many different solutions.


Zapier’s main appeal for businesses comes in the form of to power app solutions and the ways you connect services and apps. You can easily automate workflow, since they make it easy to set up actions and triggers between the apps that you use. Not only that, but you eliminate manual tasks that are usually very challenging and time-consuming. It’s great to have a tool like this, and it certainly offers you an excellent experience every step of the way. If you want, you can also create zaps that you add to the tool and use them from there.


HubSpot is maybe the ideal automation options if you want business process automation and also CRM solutions. It’s a great tool that can help you track leads, while also managing integrations and storing contact info. Plus, it can help with monitoring the sales activity too. And on top of that, it can make it easier to track the customer satisfaction. The advantage of HubSpot in particular is that you can also schedule content and tasks, while also syncing to the calendar to avoid double bookings. Marketing automation is also a major plus, and it helps you choose a great way to deliver customers the content and features you want.


Pipefy does an excellent job in the world of workflow automation, and it also helps centralize workflows for IT, procurement, but also finances and HR. The fact that you can easily design and customize workflows is amazing, and you also have the opportunity to access as well as solve any possible issues very fast. You can also use the integrated tools for real-time communication, something that can be extremely helpful for this type of tools. Getting these insights and assistance is huge, and it can help more than you might expect. 


The main appeal of Favro is that it can help plan and organize your work. It also makes it very easy to automate tasks that you repeat often, which will automatically help you save a significant amount of time and effort. You can also add to that the fact that it’s a highly efficient and comprehensive system, plus it has an agile system in place to deliver an excellent result and tremendous quality.


Jenkins is a powerful open source automation server and it can be great if you need continuous delivery. It’s very easy to extend, adjusting it can be very good, and the best part is that you can use plugins to extend its feature set. Adding in more things you can automate is always impressive, and it certainly helps enhance the experience.


Puppet works in a similar way, it helps provide event-driven automation and it allows you to create modular steps, connections and many other systems. Plus, you can add an approval step to the workflow if you want, which does help quite a bit. It’s even possible to delegate the authority, while also saving time and finding the best systems in place to adjust and adapt accordingly.


Atera is mostly for IT automation companies and it does an excellent job at integrating new features and systems into the mix. It’s great at implementing IT automation rules, and you can also harness PowerShell’s features while also accessing powerful scripts. Overall, it does an excellent job at offering you a large range of features and systems, while also being easy to use and adjustable to your requirements. That’s what makes it a great solution when it comes to automation!

These are only a few of the top automation solutions available for businesses. Having a way to automate business processes is exceptional, and it can help you save a lot of time and effort. There are always challenges that arise when it comes to automating business tasks, especially if they are very specific. However, with automation tools like the ones above you can save a lot of time and effort, while delivering an exceptional set of benefits. We highly recommend giving these a try, and you will be amazed of how much time and resources you can save just by automating certain tasks!

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