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When it comes to business, communication is key and this includes communication with customers, clients, staff and all other stakeholders. Businesses have many options when it comes to communicating effectively, but you will find that signage is one of the most popular and effective and there are all kinds of different types of signage that a business can use to get their point across.

External Branding

One of the most common uses of signage in business is using external branding, which can include billboards, banners and posters. This can be used as a way to increase brand awareness and promote your company and/or goods and services and it can be highly effective because external branding signage can be placed in highly visible places and you can use eye-catching designs to stand out.

Internal Branding

Businesses will also often use internal branding with signage with custom graphics placed on the walls. This can be a way to improve the interior design of the business, to reinforce brand values and to impress any visitors that you have to the office.

Way-Finding Signage

Another common use of signage in business is way-finding signage placed around the premises. This can make it easy for people that are visiting/new employees to find their way around the business – it can often be stressful when you are visiting somewhere new, so having clear signage leading the way can help people to feel much more relaxed.

Health & Safety

Currently, businesses are also using signage to communicate COVID-19 rules and regulations which is a smart way to keep these messages in people’s minds and to create COVID-secure environments. On top of this, signage can be used to communicate other health and safety info, including fire safety messages.

Point-of-Sale Signage

Point-of-sale signage is highly popular in retail spaces and can be highly effective at encouraging customers to buy more. Cards, tags and posters are usually used with eye-catching designs that are hard to ignore as people are waiting to be served. Signage is often cheap and durable, which means that it can be a smart use of money and you should find that they are effective in their messaging when you have clear designs and use experienced sign printing companies.

These are a few of the main ways that businesses can use signage to communicate. As you can see, they can be used in many different ways and to communicate different kinds of messages and can be highly effective whether you are promoting the business, showing people the way or communicating important safety information. Signage can also be cheap, easy and durable so it is a good investment for companies looking to improve communication.

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