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Smartphones now play an influential role in our everyday lives, with the number of mobile phone users in the UK rising to a whopping 55.5 million in 2019 (or 82.9% of the total population).

Not only do smartphones enable us to carry out an increasingly diverse range of everyday tasks, but they also offer numerous opportunities to generate some additional (and in some cases, passive) income.

We’ll look at some of these below, while asking one is likely to best suit your own personal circumstances.

Clear and Monetise Your Clutter

Most of us accumulate clutter over time, but this can be monetised in the modern age, enabling you to make a profit when clearing it out.

More specifically, you can sell your unwanted items on the open market, listing them for sale through platforms such as Amazon and eBay. There are other, more niche online marketplaces too, but these don’t necessarily afford you access to as large an audience.

With the Ziffit app, you can also use a handy barcode scanner to secure an instant price evaluation on some product (such as old books), helping you to set prices that incentivise buyers.

Profit Through Browsing

You may have heard of an app called MobileXpression, which essentially pays you to browse and go about your usual business online.

Put simply, you install the app on your smartphone and allow it to access your web browsing behaviour. You’ll need to ensure that the app’s proprietary VPN connection is enabled, but apart from this, it will simply sit in the background of your phone monitoring your activity and rewarding you weekly in the form of vouchers.

This is arguably the easiest way to earn money through your smartphone, while it definitely provides a passive stream of income.

Forex Trading

Forex trading also provides a passive income stream, although this requires a little more preparation as you’ll need to understand the wider market and hopefully develop a keen sense of determinism.

However, you can now practice forex trading through an online broker, which provides access to a broad range of real-time news and analytical tools while also opening up alternative markets and asset classes.

Remember, you can also trade currencies as derivatives, meaning that you don’t own the underlying instrument and can profit through speculation. However, this market is also highly-leveraged, so there’s the potential to both gain and lose considerably more than your initial deposit.

Exchange Your Old Mobiles for Cash

In recent times, it has become possible to exchange your old and unwanted smartphones for cash, with those that remain in good working order capable of generating significant income.

This is also incredibly relevant in the modern age, with typical contracts that cover the price of a handset lasting for between one and two years.

Sites such as CompareMyMobile will also afford you the best rate for your old and unwanted smartphones, so that you can strike the best possible deal while removing some much-needed clutter from your home!

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