Gambling in Norway is enjoyed by many. Norwegians spend billions each year at online casinos and sportsbooks. These online gambling sites are run primarily in foreign countries. That means there are few Norwegian online casinos. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to access some of that revenue for your own local Norwegian business? This article will help you do just that. We’ll help you find poker software platforms to set up your online poker site. 

With the help of this guide, you’ll know what to look for in software essential for running a poker site. Once you decide on the most appropriate platform and get the proper know-how, you’ll develop a casino that can be included on the top oddssider listings. Expert IT developer and gambling author, Benjamin Reppersen, will help us determine where to start.

Understanding Platforms 

The first thing we must consider is an understanding of what software platforms are and what they do. While software platforms are essential to almost any online business, most of us are unfamiliar with the basics of a platform. 

Imagine a floor covered in those little snap-together plastic bricks. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. These bricks represent the games, financial software, and support services of your business. What you need to bring them together is a solid foundation, something they can all connect through. 

Enter the platform, the base for these bricks is big enough to hold them all, sturdy to keep them in place, and yet with adaptable sufficiency to reorganise if needed. While this is a basic description, it’s an accurate one. Your choice of platform will determine your success.

Choosing the Right Platform 

Now that we have a general idea of what the platform is and how it works, let’s examine some of the best software poker platforms.

First, a few requirements that need to be covered. These are components of software platforms that you will need to look for:

  • Look for software that will support the current games and those to come for the next 4-5 years.
  • Verify that the software is securely coded, ask for documentation of security audits done. Examine the server architecture and ensure that the product has had a thorough review.
  • Ensure that Random Number Generation is the core of the software. Players demand fair play, and RNG technology is the way to ensure that. Cutting corners here will destroy the credibility of your site. Challenge the software provider for documentation on RNG coding.
  • The most critical factor is price. While top-quality software is imperative, cost-efficiency is paramount. Most startups will have limitations on the amount of expense they have for software, and that shouldn’t restrict the ability to find a quality platform at an achievable price point.

Additional points to consider are: 

  • What is the experience and quality of the developer?
  • Look at the reviews of other casino operators on the developers’ work.
  • The support system from the developer. Are they capable of a timely response?
  • The development time of the software. How long will it take to create your vision?
  • The cost. While all other factors are negotiable, keeping the expense in line with your budget is essential.

Now that we’ve covered some specifics that your software provider should offer, let’s look at our top five recommended platforms. These aren’t in a particular order. 

  • Real-Time Gaming – Established in 1998, Real Time Gaming offers ultra-sophistication while keeping ease of use. The provider enables algorithms that mimic actual casino operations. The software also allows for downloadable client software.
  • Playtech – Another of the well-known providers, Playtech offers unique features. Playtech offers live dealers via webcam, high-resolution graphics, and provides the feel of being at the table playing other players.
  • Microgaming – This big-name platform has been in the industry since 1994. Microgaming released their Viper suite in 2004. This suite offers players expanded options such as auto-play and extended game help. The software also allows players to set game strategies.
  • IGT – Interactive Game Technology has been in the casino industry longer than online casinos. Beginning business designing land-based casino slot machines, they entered the online casino marketplace in 2004. They offer streaming, mobile, and no download games. The quality of their games is their strength, with beautiful rendering and highly technological excellence.
  • NETent – One of the earliest platforms to enter the online market, NETent has been there since 1996. Since then, NETent has aspired to create the ultimate gaming experience. 

The Wrap Up

Beginning any new business is a matter of research, dedication, and patience. Using this guide, you’ll find some of the necessary knowledge to comfortably weigh the pros and cons of whatever software platform you choose and make the best decision for you and your budget. Good luck and good gaming.

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