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In maths, a parabola refers to a symmetrical open plane curve that is formed by the intersection of a cone along with the parallel to its side. The path for the project line under the influence of gravity follows the curve shape. In another description for the parabola that involves a point and a line along with the focus that does not lie on the directrix. The symmetric curve is created by the intersection of the right circular by incorporating a surface and so, the U-shaped curve comes along with particular properties.

It will then conclude at any point at the curve but with an equal distance. The calculation for the equation of parabola becomes tricky when it comes to manual calculations. So, you can consider an online parabola equation calculator that allows you to calculate the standard form and vertex form.

Best Parabola Equation Finder Calculator:

Here we are going to discuss the best calculator that helps to find the equation of parabola according to the parabola formula.

Parabola Calculator- Calculator-online.net:

This one is a web-based online calculator that can assist you in finding the standard form and vertex form of the parabola equation by the given values. Now, it becomes convenient to find the focus and directrix of the parabola by utilizing the parabola equation calculator. The tool uses the parabola formula to generate the results. All you have to do is to insert the values and choose the type of input and get the results within a couple of seconds. The best thing about the tools is that you need not pay a single penny to use the parabola calculator

Parabola Equation Generator by eMathhelp:

The calculator comes with an easy-to-use interface so, a person without knowing how to operate a computer or laptop can also conveniently use it. Then find the equation of a parabola from the given parameters or the axis of symmetry, latus rectum, eccentricity, length of the latus rectum, focus, directrix, x & y-intercept of the parabola. Just enter the values into the designated section of the parabola calculator and get instant results for parabola equations.

Free online Calculator by Byjus for Parabola Equation:

This tool by Byjus is a free online calculator that displays the graph of a given parabola equation. The online free calculator makes the calculation fatter and displays the graph of the parabola in a couple of seconds. Enter the equation in the mentioned area of the tool and click the submit button to get the graph. After clicking the submit button the parabola calculator will display the graph in a new window within no time.

Three Points Parabola Equation Calculator:

The calculator finds the equation of parabola along with the vertical axis given in three points on the graph of a parabola. You can conveniently find the equation for a parabola with this step-by-step solver in a fraction of seconds. Insert the values of x & y coordinates of three points in the designated position of the tool. After pressing enter, the calculator displays two equations. 

One equation is the extract where the coefficients are in the form of fraction, and the second one with the approximated coefficients whose number of decimal number places may be chosen. So, you can take advantage of using this parabola calculator to solve your parabola equations.


Thankfully, after reading this guidepost you came to know how to find the equation of a parabola. In this post, we have gathered the best calculators for you that can help you in solving the equation of the parabola so, you can solve your questions easily with the above-mentioned parabola calculator.

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