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Although the below does help, the issue I had was actually with the WCF 3.0 Windows Update. It was this that messed up our MPs, having applied the MS “fix” (or reg hack quick fix as it really is) we have not had an issue since.

I’ve had an issue for the last few days where my clients were not working correctly with the software catalog. Having checked their certificates they were set to none on the clients too.

I removed the management point on my primary server and then re-installed it, which seemed to have fixed it, however, the problem returned the following day. So, I re-installed the MP again, fixed it, but next day, problem returns!
Having looked into it further I found that the problem was with the SMS Agent Host service on the primary server. It kept stopping itself and taking the MP down with it. If I restarted it, everything worked, but every night it stop again.
After going through yet more endless logs I couldn’t really find any problem with the configuration, until I checked our CM2012 servers Endpoint Protection policy. It turned out that I forgotten to add the service and it’s executables to the excluded processes and files. So, I added them and I’ve not had a problem since. Obviously the problem was that Endpoint was stopping the service when the daily scans were happening.
For your reference, the two processes and files you need to exclude to avoid a similar issue are:
Next time, I’ll know where to start looking for any strange issues!
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