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To effectively manage workflows and projects, your firm requires a dependable and practical solution. Here are the most important characteristics to look for in business management software!

The construction business is continuously changing, and staying current with new technology is essential for future leadership. The key to your handyman company’s (and hence your team’s) development and survival is a project management system!

More and more handyman service firms are understanding that handyman software is a critical component they must have in order to maximize their profits.

When looking for software that will meet your demands, look at the characteristics that you want it to have. Here are a few elements we think are essential for a good handyman scheduling software:

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capability must be available in the program you choose. It should allow you to enter as well as import contact information from wherever it is already stored. It should allow you to connect client-specific documents and keep information that your team need.
  1. Accounting software integration – In specialist handyman management software, accounting functions are critical. Budgeting, payroll, billing, and occasional cash flow operations are among them. You must ensure that all financial indicators are constantly current and that you can generate financial projections on the spot – understanding the financial status of your project at any given time is critical to its success!
  1. Financial Tendering Module – Make sure the project management solution your team selects allows you to streamline, automate, and speed up the tendering process (which usually takes a lot of time). Make the best decision you can and strive to automate the process as much as possible.
  1. Scheduling – Because scheduling is critical to completing a project on schedule, handyman software should have a scheduling tool that allows contractors to allocate jobs to their team members, which might include subcontractors, contractors, apprentices, or their own workers. They must be able to keep track of each task’s progress and assign each one a distinct priority level.
  1. These functions overlap with the scheduling choices for team management. You should be able to keep focused on team activities, progress, status, and time monitoring using the system. If you’ve assigned a person to complete a job inside the project, and that person enters or departs to complete that assignment, the system should immediately add the expenditure entered as the number of working hours multiplied by the hourly pay to the project. Some handyman software solutions include GPS monitoring features for your team, allowing you to know where they are and what task they are working on at any moment.
  1. Asset Tracking – Regardless the matter the sort of asset or resource you’re using: financial, informational, physical, or human, you need to keep track of it all. You can track personnel (see where they are and what tasks they are working on) and machinery with specialized, high-quality software (be they rented or your own). At any point during the day, you will be able to monitor and manage what happens to your assets. You’ll also be aware of when the warranty expires or when a product requires repair or replacement.

There are many other features that great software can provide for general contractors, but we believe these are the key ones that you should be looking for.

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