Ashes of Creation: Potential to Reinvent MMORPG

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There’s no better feeling than a new MMORPG entering the game arena. With each new release, MMORP enthusiasts hope to experience a title finally meeting all their expectations. Think giant bosses requiring huge parties to defeat. Now, that hope is Ashes of Creation, a game that holds so much promise.

At first, there was little information about what the game could be about, but more and more details became released to the public as the project progressed.

As a new company coming up with its first product, a lot of anticipation surrounds this massive project. That’s why we’ve decided to talk more about it and cover the expectations we’re hoping Ashes of Creation meets. After all, many fans fear the genre slowly declines. Could this game be the remedy players need?

About Intrepid Studios

Intrepid Studios was founded in 2015, making it one of the youngest video game developer companies. Located in San Diego, a city located in southern California, Intrepid Studios was created as an independent developer and publisher of original video games.

The company was founded by Steven Sharif and John Moore, both passionate gamers and successful entrepreneurs looking for a new business venture. The powerful duo wanted to create a company where they could implement their knowledge and build games other gamers couldn’t find anywhere else. It is how Intrepid Studios came to be.

Currently, Steven Sharif is Ashes of Creation’s Creative Director, while Moore serves as the President of Intrepid Studios. The two are joined by a hard-working, passionate, and skillful veteran team that’s been diligently working on the company’s first release.

What we know so far

Immediately after launch, the company started working on its first project called Ashes of Creation. Therefore, this game has been in development since 2015. Although it’s still in the making, the company has been releasing short clips, pictures, animations, and various other details that keep fans up to date with the project.

So, what do we know about Ashes of Creation so far?

Although you might think this is just another MMORPG game, the core goal is to create a unique approach to MMO gaming. While other games in the same genres typically drop players into an existing world overflowing with different content that can’t be changed, Ashes of Creation aims at creating a dynamic playing experience that can shift, alter, and change according to players’ choices.

Players can build or destroy cities, develop various political systems, make enemies, choose quests, and much, all thanks to the unique Node System. This system is what made gamers that keep tabs on the game’s development so excited.

Namely, Nodes will be placed at specific locations around the fictional world of Verra, and they will help a certain area develop and grow. This allows players to advance wilderness areas into metropolitan cities through a series of transformations. Because Ashes of Creation is an MMO game, other players’ actions will affect how successful a Node becomes.

MMO players are already familiar with classes and races, which will also be part of Ashes of Creation, but with a unique spin.

What we expect

While there’s a lot more to be announced about the game, here are some of our expectations:

Unique storyline

Ashes of Creation is already a game with a unique idea and approach we’ve never seen before from a game developer. However, we hope they’ll develop a storyline for the world of Verra that’ll be as unique as their gameplay—alongside personal stories for characters. This will create a significantly better and more immersive playing experience for everyone.

Dynamic gameplay

Although we believe Ashes of Creationalready put a checkmark next to dynamic gameplay, we still haven’t seen everything this game has to offer. Dynamic interactions, exciting gameplay, and a lot of action are what every video game player likes to see. As a team made from gamers, we hope Intrepid Studio launches a game that meets our expectations in this regard.

Unreal graphics

By looking at the released photos, videos, and alpha game versions, we can safely say the game will feature some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen. The mesmerizing landscapes, attention-grabbing animations, and impressive attention to detail, unreal graphics is indeed what Ashes of Creation will be known for in the MMO world.

Optimized performance

Regardless of how good the game is, the players won’t enjoy it unless the performance is optimized. Realistically, not everyone will be able to run the game as it likely will have high requirements. However, since it will be an online game, your internet connection will play a role.

For instance, if you notice that your Internet Service Provider frequently throttles (slows down) your connection, it might be an issue when you play Ashes of Creation. You can use a PC VPN to preserve the speed you have paid for. Since a VPN encrypts information about your online activities, ISPs will not know when they need to throttle.

The bottom line

Ashes of Creation is one of the most anticipated video games. With alpha and beta versions releasing, now you can explore the world of Verra and determine its fate. While you’re waiting for the official launch, you can experiment with the game’s features and take the first look at this yet-to-be-released video game today.

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