Features You'll Enjoy When You Download MacOS Catalina

When you download macOS Catalina, you’ll enjoy several new features. Unlike the release of iOS 13, this is the upgrade you want to have immediately. There aren’t major changes in the interface’s design, but there are tons of new features that are a lot more subtle than previous updates. 

Your Apple computer deserves to have the best running software on the market. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you’ll definitely want to after this article. Learn the benefits and capabilities of the Catalina update. 

The Sidecar Feature

One of the best new features built into macOS is the Mac duplicate screen. If you’ve ever wanted to have your iPad running iPad OS, you’ll get to use it as a mirror display or as an extended desktop. It’s very useful when you need a bit more room, such as when you’re traveling. 

Another great part of the sidecar feature is being able to use AirPlay with ease without needing extra software or setup. No one liked having to have an extra step to using their AirPlay. Now, with a quick hit of a button, you can use AirPlay with 100 percent more smoothness. 

The Photos Redesign Feature

The new design once you download macOS Catalina might seem mostly cosmetic but don’t worry — it isn’t. Apple’s latest Photos app for both the iPhone and the Mac organizes your photos into groups. Those groups are then based on the date they were taken, and what you see in the photo. 

The update makes going through hundreds of photos so much easier. It also shows duplicates of photos grouped together rather than cluttering up your view. You now have control over if you want to group then based on the day, month, or whether you’d prefer to see them in every photo. 

The ‘Mute Your Mail’ Feature

This feature is what makes this update the winner in the Mojave vs. Catalina debate. Unfortunately, this feature hardly gets the recognition it deserves. In fact, even Apple hardly mentioned this feature in its press release.

However, the mute your mail feature shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s a very small detail that makes a very big difference in your productivity. Now, if you notice that you’re in an over-active email thread, you have the option of muting it altogether. 

Now you won’t receive notifications on those annoying emails while everything else functions as normal. You also have the option to block senders from Mail directly. This also makes the app much easier to unsubscribe from spammy marketing emails. 

The Siri Shortcuts

Many Apple customers fail to use the loads of shortcuts their devices have to offer. There are shortcuts for your iPad and iPhone, but now you can utilize Siri Shortcuts as well. It strings your workflows together on your desktop with ease. 

Siri Shortcuts are amazing on the iPad and are even better once you download the macOS Catalina. Unfortunately, for now, it only operates with apps that were downloaded on your Mac via Catalyst, but still offers functionality that can expand to other apps you use on a regular basis. 

You can even ask Siri how to fix macOS Catalina problems — talk about helpful!

The Reminders Feature

When you really want to boost your productivity, the Reminders feature is perfect for that. It gets an update among all of the Apple platforms. And it’s much easier to navigate than ever before. 

It also includes more efficient options for creating and arranging your reminders. When used with Siri, you can create reminders based on your location to be even more precise and efficient. Plus, this update makes it easier for you to keep track of what you have going on in your life. 

One of the biggest arguments by consumers is the fact that Apple got rid of iTunes. The company chose to replace iTunes with Music, Podcasts, and TV apps as separate entities. These are all big improvements, but the best part is that developers now have the opportunity to port iOS apps to Catalina through Mac Catalyst. 

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of apps available through Mac Catalyst, including Twitter, Tripit, and Jira. But Apple promises that there are far more to come. This is great news whether you’re a user wanting your favorite iPhone app functions on your laptop, or a developer wanting to feature your own app to the Mac community. 

The Activation Lock and Privacy Feature

Apple has done a great job of focusing on protecting their users’ privacy. Once you download macOS Catalina, you greatly improve your overall privacy. One of the biggest improvements for privacy is that Activation Lock will prevent lost or stolen devices from getting activated by anyone except the iCloud account holder that’s attached to the device. 

Catalina also operates on a separate read-only volume, but how does this affect you? Your personal information and Catalina’s operating system will remain segregated. So if you lose your Macbook Pro, the latest Find My app will still locate the device even if it’s powered down or sleeping, giving you a bit more peace of mind if you accidentally leave it at the coffee shop where you were working. 

It’s Time to Download macOS Catalina

Are you ready to download macOS Catalina yet? If you haven’t already, you should! You’ll be amazed by how much more productive and efficient using your Mac will be after you update your software. 

Plus, these are only a few of their incredible features. We’ve mentioned the Mac Catalyst, the Sidecar, and a few new apps. But there’s also Macintosh voice control and the lovely Screen Time feature. 

Don’t hesitate any longer — update to macOS Catalina today!

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