With a updated algorithm and many brands competing for exposure, it’s not an easy task to increase Instagram engagement all by yourself.

Instagram allows you to gain a loyal following community, supports your business and runs a competitive marketplace. Take a look at what NFL is doing at the moment for the 2019/2020 campaign. The American sports franchise has decided to have a more interactive approach to the highly popular social media app and for the draft of the NFL bracket 2019 they allowed fans to buy draft-day hats donated by the some of the college players picked in the first round.

Besides getting profit from it, like NFL, you can also raise your followers pretty quickly which helps to the popularity growth of the brand. Here are some quick tips, you can apply to level-up your Instagram business plan and increase Instagram engagement right now:

1 – Instagram Stories

In 2019, Instagram’s main engagement comes from stories. People following your profile or hashtag, will be tempted to check new updates easily by checking new daily stories.

Instagram has also been innovating in the form of different engagement stickers for stories.

Instagram stories stickers are a great way to encourage your followers to chat and share their opinions and experiences quickly and with ease.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Instagram Stories is a great way to interact with your followers. A great opportunity for them to get to know your brand better or get more information about your products. In addition, customer feedback can be collected by simply question the audience regarding future products. Poll and Vote Stickers are quick and fun and could help you gather audience feedback statistically.

2 – Longer Post Captions

Instagram captions can be up to 2 200 characters long. The algorithm takes into consideration the time spent on post. By writing a long and engaging caption, the user will tend to view your post for an increased time period. “Your captions shouldn’t just be adjectives strung together but more lines of a captivating story that leaves your followers eager for more.” – says Instagram influencer Kutcher.

A great opportunity to update your audience and keep them informed about your brand, products, objective, etc. Scheduling your posts using a free Instagram scheduler like Later, allows you to write your captions on your desktop computer, a easier platform for you to free you creative side and to adopt a fun story to go along your post.

3 – @Mentions, Location and Hashtags

Every time you post an Instagram story, you should think about including them things if you want to boost your exposure. A mention is great if you’re working with other brands or businesses on Instagram. Not only will the account be notified that you’ve mentioned them, but they could repost and thank you for the mention, or even share it with their followers, increasing you overall engagement.

Add a location. Instagram Stories are searchable by location, so anyone who searches for that specific location will be able to see your story.

Hashtags can ruin the aesthetic of the Instagram story you want to post. However, you can now either type out your hashtags (up to 10), pinch the text to make it smaller or place a GIF or image sticker over the hashtag text so it’s perfectly hidden underneath.

4 – Collaborate

The key is to collaborate with the right brands, businesses, or influencers. If you want to improve your Instagram engagement, as well as reach new followers, you need to contact the right ones for your unique account objective. You should both share a similar business plan, personality and trust. Your project must offer something unique: product innovation or special service, something the user can’t get elsewhere and feel the need to value your brand.

5 – Reply to DM’s If you want to keep the engagement you must reply to your audience either via DM or comment feed. No matter how big your account becomes, you should always manage to keep replying and take time to respond to both positive and negative feedback. This simple advice shows the audience you’re present in the community and they can rely on you. In addition, the more comments your post gets, the more it’s displayed to a wider audience on the explorer menu page. So, more replies mean more audience and a reliable one too. Instagram is very competitive and only the algorithm will rank your profile according to some unknown criteria

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