Your Guide to the Best Free Personal Accounting Software

When you run a business, keeping your books is important. Hiring an accountant can be pricey, but, luckily, it’s pretty easy to keep your own books — as long as you have the right software.

There are plenty of affordable accounting software options out there to save you time and money. But which one is the best for your business? Read on to discover some of the most popular free personal accounting software solutions. 

1. Wave

Wave is always free for the basic program, there are many advanced (paid) options as well. Information placed into Wave is automatically saved on the cloud. You can manage accounts receivable, connect as many banks and credits as you’d like, and generate financial statements.  

Wave is great for small businesses and sole proprietors. Also, if you’re looking to generate pay stubs and have proof of income, you can create your own pay stub today. 

2. SlickPie

SlickPie is ideal for small businesses with little experience bookkeeping. The software is easy to use and has many automation features. It has a built-in app called MagicBot which allows you to automatically add bills and receipts. 

You can also manually add bills and mark them as paid. 

3. CloudBooks

CloudBooks is great for freelancers and small businesses. It offers unlimited users, cloud storage, and email support. It has invoicing features but it’s limited to one client for the free version. 

4. GnuCash

GnuCash is good for small businesses and home users. There’re extra bonus features such as support for payroll management and double-entry accounting. It’s easy to use but you’ll want to be somewhat familiar with accounting software. 

There are many reporting options when it’s time for tax season. It’s available for macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. 

5. TurboCASH

TurboCASH is best for small to medium-sized businesses and offers many features. You can find invoicing management as well as spreadsheet integration and inventory. It can have many companies and users, plus offers many advanced accounting features.

6. ZipBooks

If you’re a small business looking to upgrade from spreadsheets then Zipbooks could be for you. It’s a web-based software with a free version called ZipBooks Starter. 

It includes profit and loss plus balance sheet reporting, plus basic bookkeeping functionality. This plan also includes invoice and quote features. You can accept payment through a credit card or PayPal. It’s limited to only one user and one bank with the starter plan. 

7. xTuple PostBooks

If you’re a small or medium-sized business then xTuple PostBooks is ideal for you. This is an open-source software, and you can connect all banks and credit cards. You can also manage accounts receivable and payable.

Since it has to be downloaded to your computer, it doesn’t have cloud backup. 

8. Akaunting

Akaunting is open-source but has single entry accounting instead of double. You can access it through the web, and it’s easy to use. It lets multiple users and track income and expenses, generate reports, and create invoices.

You can also manage accounts receivable and payable.

Free Personal Accounting Software

After reading this guide, you’re set and ready to find some of the best free personal accounting software. Save your money and don’t stress about finding an accountant.  Would you like to learn more about everything from gaming to microsites? Check out our other articles

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