You may have seen in our previous post that we have been working on getting our WordPress blog sped up and we had done this by carrying out the steps in this awesome guide by Kinsta.

Well, one of the last things that we had to carry out that was still being picked up as an issue with Google PageSpeed testing was that we had to Remove Query Strings From Static Resources.

So, as their original guide was so good, we took another look at Kinsta and we found a full guide on what to do for this exact issue.

In their guide, you are given a few options to carry out to fix the issue. You can use Plugins or if you are happy with WordPress code, you can add to the functions.php file.

The guide is available by using the link below:

How to Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress

We carried out the proposed changes using the code as we try to keep plugins to a minimum where possible on our blog. We carried this out and there it was, the Remove Query Strings From Static Resources had completely gone:

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources
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