Is buffering interrupting your Netflix binge-watching? Are your office workers ready to revolt over turtle-speed connectivity? Home or office, you might want to look into a mesh network. It could be the answer to fixing your WiFi woes.

What is a mesh network? Whole home mesh networks have a central hub with separate nodes placed around a space to increase the range of the WiFi signal. Don’t let the term “whole home” throw you off. A mesh network is perfect for any home or office that covers a lot of ground or has a slew of connected devices — or both. Mesh networks are the superheroes of the WiFi world. These networks have seen use in the military, in hospitals, and in times of crisis, like during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Mesh networks have often helped to save the day.

Now, they can help save your WiFi connecting sanity. If you fought battles over downloading files or system updates, a mesh network changes everything. With whole house WiFi, you can do all those things.

Reliable Coverage

Unlike your mother-in-law or that one flaky coworker, a whole house mesh network offers the reliability and dependability you’ve been missing. Your nodes, or as Cox terms them, Panoramic WiFi Pods, maintain a constant connection and increase your wireless footprint.

As long as your central hub is operating, you can have the type of connection you’ve dreamed about. Unlike your mother-in-law, this device won’t dole out any passive-aggressive “compliments.” You’ll only receive sweet, sweet WiFi.

Big Space Boost

Spend enough time in a large space and you’ll likely find plenty of dead zones and WiFi drop-outs. If your house or office layout is odd and weirdly-shaped or is made of materials (like concrete and metal) that block radio waves, these little gadgets might just do the trick.

Whole house mesh networks end the “How long will this take to download?” game. As fun as that may be, you can hop on your provider’s mobile app to view your WiFi signal strength anytime.

Automatic Connections

While a WiFi range extender can add better reach in a large area, a mesh network goes further. Smartphones aren’t intelligent enough to understand they need to flip from the base network. Naming the extender something else doesn’t solve the problem either. You would still have to manually connect to the right network based on your location. A mesh network offers a seamless WiFi connection as you move through rooms in your home or office. Now that’s fast.

One App to Rule Them All

Mesh networks often offer up an app to check out your current WiFi signal strength. But these apps go beyond a simple “how fast is my network” type of status. You get a boost in your security too. You’ll never have to guess if your neighbor is “borrowing” your WiFi. With the app, you can see what devices are connected to your WiFi. See something unfamiliar? Boot it out of there. Switch your network credentials or set a new password. Reboot your modem with a tap. These apps make it easy.

Blanket Your Home or Office in WiFi

Get that warm, cozy feeling of non-stop, non-dropped WiFi in your home or office with a whole house mesh network. This simple, stress-free way to extend a WiFi signal combines security and consistent access in a convenient whole house WiFi package.

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