When you are ready to purchase a CCTV system, you might be surprised at the choice. The trick is to know what it is you want your camera do. There’s no need to pay for more than you need. Knowing what’s around before you make a site survey can help so here are the main types of CCTV camera and an idea of what they can do.

DOM Cameras

If you’re looking for a CCTV camera that is hard to vandalize or manipulate,  consider a DOM camera. Installed usually in drop ceiling with a few screws, it is secure and comes with ‘dome’, which works well to hide the direction of the camera. These cameras are also available with IR functionality for improved night vision.

While you may really appreciate the way these cameras work, they may not be suitable for every situation, especially when you need a larger area. The domes are not large and may not work well if you need a camera to focus up to 50mm or more. However, you can find a DOM camera that you fits inside metal vandal-proof casing instead of a standard dome to cover longer distances.

Box Cameras

If you want a camera to mount on a wall or other vertical area, you may want to go for a box CCTV camera. It works very efficiently when you use a long lens to cover long distances. Remember, most of these cameras fail to function properly in low-light conditions, unless you buy a more expensive one that is infrared sensitive.

Infrared Cameras

These cameras are perfect for anyone looking for a way to enhance security in dimly lit areas. They are available in varying illumination capacities, so you can select your own preference. These cameras come equipped with LEDs that enable them to capture in low light conditions.

Bullet Cameras

If you’re after a camera to be inconspicuous and not overly covert, you may want to try a bullet camera. However, remember that they work great only on shorter to middle distances and may not be a great choice for low light conditions.

Covert Cameras

Available in different sizes and shapes, these cameras are hard to spot. You can find them in wall clocks, smoke detectors or even as a sprinkler head.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras are fast becoming popular and cover good distances from a remote location. Keep in mind, that even these cameras do require some wiring for power. Moreover, they need a line-of-sight to perform correctly but you can find models with stronger transmitters to cover longer distances. In most cases, an affordable wireless CCTV camera can cover up to 100 foot. To learn more about these cameras as well as other access control security systems, you can pay a visit to

Of course, you want to make the right choice of CCTV camera but you don’t want to be spending more than you have to. A camera with all the latest whistles and bells might not necessary. Even the most camera acts as a deterrent and will still work effectively day in and day out to keep a watchful eye on your security.

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