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In terms of the delivery and ride-sharing industries, Badger Maps is an all-in-one system that integrates planning, making routes, and booking capabilities. There are various filters available to assist representatives with better managing client connections and to organizing and providing efficient sales routes with real-time traffic information from a map-based dashboard. This routing tool is unquestionably one of the most renowned in the fleet management field.

For route planning applications, Badger maps isn’t the only choice. Consider additional possibilities and alternatives. As route planning is extensively utilized and customers these days are looking for rapid, best-leading technology platforms with roles, there are essential elements to consider when selecting the proper software. 

When looking for Badger Maps alternatives, consider that scheduling abilities and customer service are also crucial considerations. The most excellent Badger Maps alternative that suits your specific company needs will empower your team. Are you planning to switch from Badger Maps to a different route planning application? 

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


The Route4Me route planning application is an excellent solution to Badger Maps because of its adaptability and flexibility to satisfy nearly any organization’s operations and navigation demands. 

To provide meaningful intelligence and optimize your expenses and vehicle distribution while also enhancing the overall productivity of your delivery services, Route4Me offers a complex but easy-to-navigate route optimization, vehicle tracking, and driver monitoring systems. Different staff members may use any desktop or one of the specialized iOS or Android inter-route planning applications to simply access all your travel information using Route4Me’s protected main database.


Upper is the second application to make it into our guide. When it comes to improving the performance of a company’s deliveries, Upper is an ideal option. 

Improve efficiency by allowing your employees to make more deliveries and enhance profits by reducing the price per service using Upper’s shortest path algorithm. With this routing application, you’ll be less costly in terms of time, get more customer transactions, increase sales and profitability by ensuring that your consumers are satisfied.


MapMyCustomers is a routing application for salespeople and a tool for managing external transactions. 

You may use it to plot revenue areas and detailed navigation and generate information with just a single app. Alerts, custom widgets, inspections, and recordkeeping in salesforce ensure speedy client clearances. Your company may include salesforce sorting tools by providing additional specified information to their navigation instructions when using the application. A highly trusted and competent application that helps external marketing people identify fresh prospects on their navigation system is one of the many valuable elements for those working in the fleet and delivery industry.


To help entrepreneurs plan and manage travel navigation and activities more effectively, OptimoRoute is available. Customizing shipping routes is also a factor in saving driving time and is a functional feature of the app. Besides saving money and time, logistics’ fast and easy automation also reduces stress and enables minimum preparation time.

Selecting an application requires careful consideration of several things that would top Badger Maps’ features and quality for your provided services. But, you have to realize that, as a result of wise business decisions using the correct technology, you may also ascend beyond the market standard and function as a legitimate leading company.

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