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Are you a skilled player that enjoys disclosing your gaming tricks and strategies? In the gaming sector, those who are accomplished players have a good possibility of finding career fulfilment in the field. Gamers can make money from advertising by starting a blog and reaching a large following, gamers can also have the potential to make a profit by playing a wide range of games at curacao casinos, this gaming platform has a lot to offer and will appeal to most gamers that are seeking new gaming options. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of starting a gaming website/blog there are a few things you should consider when designing your gaming website and within this article, we will discuss the three most important factors you need to keep in mind when designing your webpage.

Consider the Navigation of your Website

If you’re the finest game reviewer in the world, your website visitors may not appreciate your hard work if your site is difficult to navigate. Many people will stop using your website and depart if it seems busy and unappealing to them and this will have a negative impact on your website’s authority, as well as on your online reputation.

Simple website design layouts that are easy on the eyes and don’t seem crowded are better at retaining your website visitors’ attention. It’s important that your website’s design is able to swiftly communicate information via the use of bullet points and graphs and infographics.

Have a Mobile Friendly Website

It’s a fact that 80% of today’s internet users use the internet via their smartphones. Gamers spend most of their time in front of their computers or consoles and when they want to find out more about a certain game, they’re more likely to utilise their smartphone to do a search. This means that your website needs to be mobile friendly and responsive, so your site will appear in the search results when browsing on a mobile phone.

Be Consistent in your Layouts

It’s critical for website visitors to have a sense of direction and know where they are in relation to the rest of the site. It’s possible for your visitors to mistakenly believe that they’ve already arrived at a new website, even when they haven’t. This creates a sense of disarray, which may cause consumers to leave your website. Therefore, you should utilize the same colour palettes, typefaces, and image aesthetics throughout your whole website to maintain a uniform appearance and feel. It’s important that you use the same tone of voice across your website’s articles and other material.

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