When it comes to creating family movies, travelogues, vlogs, etc., online video tools would be a top priority for most of the video editing beginners, because most of them are free. You could be able to go through their decent & simple workflow. Navigate to an online video editor, import source videos and enable cutting, cropping, etc. Once editing is done, save your footage on either local drive or cloud. Sound cool!

What’s the Benefit and Drawback of Online Video Tools?

Apart from price models, online video tools do have some significant edges. You don’t need to download extra software and they are available to anywhere as long as there is internet. More so, their editing features are simple and basic, which allows users to take less train to master.

But there are some limitations make them difficult to recommend.

  • Exporting can be slow, especially when you are wrestling with 4K or large videos.
  • Limited file sizes, supported formats, editing features, etc.
  • Output files can be watermarked.
  • There would be a potential risk to infect your computer by virus.
Editing 4k videos
VideoProc | Best 4K Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2020 8

A Better Choice to Create 4K/Large Videos with Ease with VideoProc

You might be aware of the frustrations that come with using online video tools to edit large-sized videos. The slow rendering speed is the thing that has been annoying me.

And here comes the best online video tool alternative – VideoProc. The hardware encoding technique of VideoProc is capable of accelerating the rendering speed and dramatically reducing CPU usage. You can steal some time for the ability. Besides, it has now honed a full suite of tools that include video cropper, cutter, converter, filter and much more.

VideoProc | Best 4K Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2020 9

Here’s a detailed test of VideoProc for you.

1.       User-friendly Operation Philosophy

The most significant element for most beginners to create a video may be the operation philosophy of software. Unlike the professional video editing software, VideoProc has a very flat learning curve that allows you to create videos in a few clicks and go. Furthermore, VideoProc team has been updating a variety of interactive tutorials, blogs on its official website and social networks to help its folks produce videos effortlessly.

VideoProc Features

2.       Tons of Video Editing Features Available

There are a host of easily accessible editing features in VideoProc, which allows you to create your 4K and large videos fast and easy. Whether you want to cut off the sensitive part from a video, change the aspect ratio to fit in particular social media platforms, rearrange clips, make color adjustments, add watermark, subtitles or timer, etc., VideoProc has got you convered.

VideoProc | Best 4K Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2020 1

3.       Built-in and Large Codec Library

As an all-in-one video processing application, VideoProc has a cutting-edge and leading technique that can surprise you. That is the built-in video converter. Supporting over 370 input codecs and more than 420 output formats, this powerful video converter is capable of encoding and decoding numerously popular coding formats, including 8K/4K, AV1, HEVC, VP9, H.264, AAC, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, GIF, and others.


Let’s say you are a complete newbie about video editing, render preset is definitely the thing you need. It automatically sets up your video file to be compatible with different operating systems, devices, applications, and social media platforms.

4.       Full GPU Acceleration Supported

Rendering and replaying high definition like 4K and long-sized videos recorded by high-end cameras, drones, DSLR must be a long-time and annoying project if the video tool you used has no hardware acceleration. To be honest, the majority of online tools don’t have that ability.

VideoProc Hardware Acceleration Engine

Fortunately, the full hardware acceleration powered by Intel, AMD and NVIDIA GPU has been introduced to VideoProc. It capitalizes on the Quicksync, AMF, and NVENC hardware encoders to reduce the encoding load on CPUs dramatically and speeds up the encoding process to the fullest extent possible.


Online video tools are easily accessible but there are some inabilities to make them difficult to recommend to beginners for 4K or large-sized video editing.

Why not downloaded and installed the offline 4K video editing software – VideoProc. You would be charmed and never look back to those online tools.

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