Over the years, WhatsApp has become one of the top-rated platforms for messaging in the world. At present, it has over 2 billion users, which makes this Facebook-owned messaging giant, one of the largest ever application for instant messaging. It is for this very reason that WhatsApp keeps updating and adding new features for both its iOS and Android users to ensure a seamless messaging experience without compromising on the privacy features to ensure that the media, chats, and all the relevant information on your WhatsApp are safe and protected.

So, here we have come up with some vital privacy settings of WhatsApp that you should know to ensure that all your information and chats are safe. 

Use Face ID lock or Touch ID for WhatsApp

WhatsApp has incredibly important privacy features, which bestows it with an added layer of protection and ensure that lurkers are kept at bay. Last year, WhatsApp came up with a privacy feature that allowed fingerprint locking for both the iOS and Android users.

However, now, it supports both face ID and Touch ID. Justin, an online provider of assignment help services, says that since he leaves his phone just anywhere, this new feature of Face ID has come as his saving grace.

For enabling this feature:

Go to the WhatsApp Settings and then tap on Account and click on the Privacy menu after it. From there, you can select the Fingerprint lock option. Once the Fingerprint lock option is enabled, it will then ask you for the fingerprint authentication or using the face ID that’s saved in your OS.

Turn on dual-step verification

One of the most important safety features of the WhatsApp is its two-step authentication, especially when you wish to secure the application after freshly downloading it on a new phone or reinstalling it on the phone where it was already there before. As part of the two-step verification feature, you’ll have to enter a 6-digit PIN, which will be your code for WhatsApp verification whenever you re-install or download the application. Robert, a provider of online do my statistics homework services, says that since he had a two-factor verification enabled for WhatsApp, he felt a lot safer when his SIM card was stolen. This feature also comes handy when your phone number is compromised. 

For enabling this feature:

Head to the Settings menu of WhatsApp, and click on the Account option. In there, you’ll find an option that says Two-Step Verification. Simply tap on that option, and following it, you’ll have to enter a security PIN of 6-digit for safety.

Update the privacy settings for your WhatsApp status, profile, and groups

Do you worry about who all have can view your WhatsApp profile photo, status updates, and even stories? Well, now you need not worry as WhatsApp gives you absolute control, wherein you can selectively make your profile photo, status, and stories, available to people. This feature applies to both groups and individual chats.

For enabling this feature:

Simply head to the WhatsApp Settings, and click onto to the Account option. From there, you have to tap on Privacy. In there, you’ll see different options like Profile Photo, Last Seen, Status and Groups. For all of this, you can control as to who can view your information.

Both status and groups have an added feature, wherein you can customise as to who amongst the people in your Contact list have access to your status or can add you in WhatsApp group. In this, you can click on My Contacts except, and customize it.

Furthermore, if you wish to give access to your Status to only a few of your friends, you can click on the Only Share With option. Sonya, an expert of online write my essay for me services, says that she always keeps her stories available for her selected friends as it lets her keep her nosy family members at bay.

Make sure your WhatsApp is up-to-date

In WhatsApp, new updates keep coming in now and then, and that results in the addition of newer features that ensure a smooth call and messaging experience for the users. In addition to adding new and improved features, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp tries to keep the platform as safe and secure for the users as possible. It is done by constantly upgrading the security policy of WhatsApp to ensure that bugs, malware, etc. are at bay.

Hence, you should ensure that your application is updated always. Natasha, an associate with TrumpLearning, says that she has turned on the auto-update feature of her phone, which ensures that every time a new update comes, her phone automatically updates it when it is connected to the internet.

However, if you haven’t yet done that, you can go to the app store of your phone (for Android users – Play Store and for iOS users App store), look for the WhatsApp app and then update it by simply pressing on the update option. Additionally, you need to ensure that your phone’s OS is also up-to-date because it is only then it would be able to support the latest versions of the applications. 

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