College years are the best time in our lives. Or that’s what they always tell us. If it’s true or not you can surely decide individually. College years can truly be full of great and happy memories. It is the time of friendship beginnings that can last a lifetime; it is the time of the first love, and the second one, and maybe the third one (that’s okay, we’ve all been there); it is the time of self-discovery, ambitions, big ideas and full-hearted dedication. Though, it is also the time of serious stress, sleepless nights, a ton of homework and constant lack of time. Sounds familiar, huh? Sure, it does, college is like that for all of us without any exemption. But it doesn’t mean this has to go on like that. There are ways to make studying much easier. These top apps for students can surely make all the difference!


Evernote is great for so many things. It is a platform that allows you to save notes. It can work online and offline. You can work on a note alone or with a team which makes the platform a great tool for the team project. It allows storing all notes in different books, under tags and categories. This way you can always stay organized and efficient in your studies. It also has many templates for any life cases, from timetables to budget planners.


It is hard to imagine the language learning without any digital helpers. Our choice for the language learner helper will be Duolingo. It is one of the first ones there and still one of the most popular language study apps. It is very interactive with many lessons aimed at speaking, reading, writing and listening. It has a large variety of languages and it allows native speakers to be moderators at these courses. It also allows you to choose the difficulty level and amount of time you are ready to dedicate to the language practice each day.


Coursera is a great platform for studying any academic field! It offers a large variety of courses, classes, study materials, additional reading and much more. Whatever you are looking for you will definitely find it there. Often, the courses are provided by the leading world universities and professors with internationally recognized names. You can even get a degree when you finish up a course. It will certainly look good in your resume!

Do you enjoy writing? And what do you think about editing? Even professional writers often find it hard to re-read what they have written. More often than not we do not like editing and proofreading our texts. This is why is definitely one of the best college apps of all time. It helps to check your papers on grammar, punctuation, style, coherence and other types of mistakes. All of it is for free, though you can even buy a more advanced paid version. It also has a keyboard app to help you with your grammar in any situation.


GoConqr is a study app that helps to make your study process much easier. The online platform offers tons of various study materials in many forms. There are maps, flashcards, quizzes, slides and so much more. So if you are a ‘visual learner’, meaning you rely on visual materials, this app will be a treasure island for you. You can easily create any study material that you need or open already created study libraries.


We hope that our brief guide on the top best apps for college students will serve you well. We truly believe that studying should not be a burden but bliss for you! Especially since in present times it is so easy to achieve. The internet offers thousands of ways to make your studying process much more productive, efficient and easier than it is now. All you need to do is just to make it work. Check out the apps we have recommended in this article and you’ll see the improvement in your studies right away! Just find what works best for you and don’t give up. Studying is important but so are you and your time.

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