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Mobile apps are gradually transforming the world of business, with most businesses using different apps to help them in their daily running. Want to organize your ideas? Brainstorm and collaborate with your team? Manage your travel expenses? Improve your day-to-day operation? There are tons of apps that can help you achieve any of those goals. Moreover, as a business owner, the more you stay organized, automate your tasks and streamline your working process, the more productive your business will become. Below is the list of eight top applications that you should have in your business toolbox.


This is a collaborative virtual app that arranges your projects into boards. Just in one view, Trello enables your team to handle and manage any kind of workflow, task tracking, or project with no difficulty. With Trello, you can upload files, automate, or even checklists. In addition, you’re at liberty to customize the virtual board to suit the way you and your team members work best. Plus, getting started with Trello is pretty simple. You just need to register, create a board, and you’re set to use this collaborative virtual tool.


This is an application developed in 2010 by Stepan Pachikov, a Russian-American computer entrepreneur. Mainly, you can use it for task management, note-taking, organizing, and archiving. Further, you can make notes, such as text, audio, drawings, images, or even save web pages for future references. The app saves users’ notes in the notebook. Then, it gives you the option to search, tag, give attachments, edit, and export. Lastly, the application is a cross-platform for iOS, Android, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Teams

This is an all-in-one collaborative application designed to help businesses and their team to stay organized, informed, and connected. Below is how this app can help your business and your team stay together irrespective of each member’s location.

  • Chat: Teams has a chat feature with which its users can use to have private or group chat.
  • Teams: The team feature lets you create channels and teams where you can invite people so you people can work together in focused spaces with files and conversations.
  • Calendar: With the Calendar feature, you can connect with other users before, during, and after a meeting.


This is a business messaging application that gives you access to the information you need. Slack transforms the way your business communicates by bringing your brand and team to work in one focused space. Moreover, in Slack, you will find tasks in an allocated space known as channels. Above all, through the channel’s feature, you can gather the right people and information in one place for any team, topic, or project.


An automated scheduling app for making meeting times straightforward. Calendly’s working principle is pretty easy, where basically you just have to link your calendar to this app. From there, it will check through it and present you with days and times that you are free. So, Calendly ensures you don’t fix two meetings at the same time and day. With that, here is a summary of how to use Calendly.

  • Pick the specific calendar that you would want Calendly to check.
  • Specify the duration of the meetings, so people can choose.
  • Share the link that will direct people to your Calendly page.


At its basic, Todoist lets you develop an online to-do list and arrange them into various projects or categories. However, this app also has features that let you do more than just create a virtual to-do list. Todoist functions and syncs across several platforms. It has applications for all smartphone and laptop operating systems. So, if you make changes to the Todist app on your smartphone, that update will reflect on the one on your laptop. Furthermore, it has a collaborative feature that allows you to work jointly with others.


This is a productivity app that is available both on the Android Play Store and Apple Store. Usually, the features that you will find in Tide includes;

  • A productivity timer.
  • Nap and sleep timer.
  • Daily inspirational and motivational quotes.
  • And more.

With Tide, you can tell how long you have studied. Its daily quotes can also help to motivate and propel you into positive action. Furthermore, It also helps you to focus while studying.

Google Docs

This is Google’s own online word processor. With Google Docs, you can create and edit documents on the go. Also, it allows you to collaborate with other people. With Google Docs, you can see other people’s real-time changes and the great thing about this productivity app is that all chances save automatically, without you having to click on the “save” button. Furthermore, Google Docs has several built-in intelligences that will allow you to do things like spell-checking.


Productivity apps are great time savers. Businesses that understand this are using productivity apps to automate and organize their daily tasks. These apps are sure to free up time from your day which you could use to enjoy some exciting games at Platincasino. We believe that the apps that we’ve covered in this article are the ones which are a must-have!

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