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Nowadays, there are so many payment providers to choose from. And all the very best casinos offer their players various ways to make transactions.

Today, we’re going to be looking at one payment solution that has been gaining popularity steadily over the last few years: Boku.

So, why should you choose Boku pay the next time you make a deposit? And what makes a Boku casino different?

We’re going to answer those questions now. As we give you 4 reasons to choose Boku for casino transactions.

What are Boku casinos?

A Boku casino is any online casino that offers Boku as a preferred method of payment. And, in recent years, more and more customers are turning to Boku. As it offers quick, safe and convenient deposits that are absolutely free to make.

In fact, many new casinos are now implementing Boku onto their payment platforms. So this goes to show that Boku’s recent surge in popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

How does Boku work?

The best thing about Boku is that it’s simplicity itself! When you visit a Boku site, just choose Boku as your deposit method. Then, enter your deposit amount and your mobile telephone number. From there, you’ll be asked to confirm if the deposit amount is correct via a free SMS message. And that’s it! Deposits are instant, so you’re ready to play.

Finally, Boku lets you choose how you want to pay your deposit. And you can either have it deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit. Or added to your end-of-month bill.

It really is that simple!

4 reasons to choose a Boku casino UK

Now that you know how Boku works, it’s time to take a look at 4 reasons why you should use this innovative payment platform the next time you visit your favourite online Boku online casino. Or Boku slots site. 

1.  Boku is completely free to use

There are lots of very modern and secure payment platforms on the market today. And big brand e-wallets offer players fast, convenient and secure transactions. However, there are also fees associated with using e-wallets.

But, with Boku, you never have to pay any commissions whatsoever. So every deposit you make at the casino will be free for you. Therefore, Boku offers all the great security and lightning-fast transactions that e-wallets do. But without the fees!

2.  Boku is super safe

In recent years, consumers have become a lot more safety-conscious when they make payments online. And trusted methods, like debit cards and bank transfers, are falling out of favour. As, every time you make a transaction using these methods, you have to give out a lot of sensitive information. Such as your full name. And bank account / debit card number.

However, because Boku uses your mobile phone number to make deposits, you never need to give out any personal info again. And it’s this level of security that players love about the Boku service.

3.  Boku keeps you anonymous

While it’s impossible to remain completely anonymous at a casino site (you have to complete KYC protocols if you want to play real-money games). A lot of players prefer that deposits don’t come directly from their bank account.

Although casino gambling doesn’t have a direct affect on your credit rating, all banks will take into account your outgoings. Which is very important if you’re considering applying for credit. Such as a loan or mortgage.

Therefore, a lot of casino customers prefer to use Boku, as the deposits will never show up anywhere on their bank statements.

4.  Boku is perfect for mobile users

With so many people owning a smartphone these days, it makes sense that pay-by-mobile options are becoming commonplace. However, while you can use your mobile phone to make payments using a debit card, you still have to fish around for cards/bank account numbers etc.

But, with Boku only ever needing your mobile number, you never need to stop off and look through your bag for your purse or wallet again!

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