Multi coloured NFT trophies

The cannabis nft is a proof of attendance protocol for cannabis businesses. Developed by Happy Munkey, a cannabis lifestyle brand, it is free to download, print, and share. Its chief operating officer, David Hernandez, sees the NFT as a marketing tool. The information it gathers can then be used in further promotions. Another cannabis business using the protocol is 40 Tons, a cannabis clothing and accessories company. It has used NFTs to promote social justice and raise awareness for people with marijuana convictions.

Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club, a new cannabis NFT collection, has announced partnerships with leading cannabis brands. This is the first NFT collection to offer a real-world cannabis product. It also plans to expand its offerings wherein cannabis enthusiasts can order sativa seeds. In addition, members will be able to compete in Crypto Cannabis Cup competitions and earn real-world discounts on cannabis products.

The CCC NFTs will act as certificates of ownership for a particular strain of cannabis. The certificates can be bought and sold in the real world, or they can be redeemed for artwork. The CCC team said that the majority of NFT owners are cannabis consumers who spend over $150 per store visit. The company hopes to attract an audience that will buy cannabis products and invest in the digital economy.

Membership in Crypto Cannabis Club isn’t cheap. Depending on the model and the level of exclusivity, NFTs can cost several hundred dollars, or even thousands. Different NFTs have different traits, so it’s important to consider the cost before purchasing. The NFTs will also grant you access to events and experiences hosted by the organization. The Crypto Cannabis Club has partnered with over two dozen cannabis brands, as well as accessory companies.

Secret Sesh

If you’ve been wishing you could attend exclusive cannabis events without paying the high cost, Secret Sesh is now giving you the opportunity to do just that. The company, which is known for its high-quality cannabis events, has partnered with retailers and brands in the cannabis industry. Some of its partnerships include Moxie and Greenwolf, which will offer their members special discounts on select products. More retailers will be announced in the coming months.

In addition to hosting exclusive cannabis events, Secret Sesh offers cannabis NFTs. These tokens are redeemable for discounts on cannabis products and accessories. Additionally, holders of the tokens have exclusive access to events and special events. Secret Sesh has been active in the cannabis community since its legalization in California, and has hosted many private cannabis events over the past decade.

Secret Sesh’s NFTs also feature play-to-win games. There are currently two games, VR billiards and beer pong, and more games are expected in the future. Founder and CEO of the company, Tim Brown, says that the company’s goal is to attract cannabis enthusiasts around the world who share their interest in both cannabis culture and cryptocurrency.

Digi Strains

The Digi Strains cannabis NFT is a legal digital cannabis strain collection. The collection has colorful cannabis nugs and cannabis strains in different poses. The company sells them on the Ethereum blockchain for around $0.03 each. The company says that their products are safe, non-toxic, and based on scientifically-proven formulas.

The NFT drops feature unique color schemes and look similar to video game graphics. The unique design lets customers see all sides of the digital artwork. The collection includes other unique drops like the Golden Gate Bridge, Lambo automobiles, and the Statue of Liberty. The company also offers edibles to Los Angeles customers. Customers are encouraged to check out the deals page for current deals. Whether you are in Los Angeles or across the country, you can find the best deals here.

A cannabis NFT is a digital cannabis product, available on the blockchain. Each strain is associated with an IP that is sold on the blockchain. The success of each associated strain is based on sales, penetration, and cultural relevance. The winning room NFT owner will gain IP rights to the cannabis brand.


The Cannasaurus NFT is a rare, crypto-token that allows users to purchase a cannabis-friendly dinosaur and release it into the metaverse. In return, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofits that support safe cannabis use, such as The Last Prisoner Project, or “The Redemption Foundation,” which helps cannabis offenders clear their records. The remaining 20% will go to nonprofits that promote safe cannabis use.

In addition to the Cannasaurus NFT, the Cannasaur NFT project is also a fundraiser. Cannasaur’s digital artwork will be sold as non-fungible tokens for 0.05 Ethereum, with proceeds going towards The Last Prisoner Project and The Redemption Foundation. Supporters are encouraged to become a part of the Cannasaurus community and receive a quarterly newsletter.

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