The marijuana nft could become a major player in the cannabis industry, and its use could change the landscape of the industry. For now, NFTs are mainly used in games and artwork, but they could play a more prominent role in the industry in the future. For example, NFTs could help cannabis breeders sell genetic material. A seed bank could release an NFT alongside limited quantities of seed, which would give growers a unique chance to develop rare and exotic strains. But only time will tell if NFTs and cannabis will work together.


To celebrate the cannabis community, the new non-fungible token (NFT) has been created: PotPunks. This unique form of currency will feature 69 unique digital characters celebrating the cannabis culture. The project will also donate proceeds to The Weldon Project, a charity that aims to promote cannabis legalization.

The PotPunks cryptocurrency was created by a group of growers who prefer these seeds, cannabis users and enthusiasts from different backgrounds. They celebrate the community and its long-term advocacy, including working with the Trump and Obama administrations and even celebrities. The PotPunks cryptocurrency will be used to purchase 420 pot-related goods.

The company’s goal is to support the cannabis industry while supporting the prison population, as well as prisoners and their families. Its founder, Weldon Angelos, has already gotten involved in several reform-related projects, including pardons. The NFTs will feature random features, such as cannabis-friendly dinosaurs and a “Cannasaur,” a cannabis-friendly mascot. The NFT will be available on the OpenSea platform, where it will be sold along with Potcoins and other cannabis-themed products.

Crypto Cannabis Club

Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC) is launching a cannabis NFT to turn digital cannabis strains into physical certificates of ownership. These certificates can be exchanged for IRL cannabis strains and can be purchased in physical stores. According to Ryan Hunter, an adviser at CCC, the majority of its NFT owners are cannabis consumers who spend over $150 at a retail store. He says that one of the most exciting aspects of NFTs is their ability to tie blockchain technology to physical objects. He noted that there is already a community dedicated to curating cannabis NFT art collections.

Hunter joined the Crypto Cannabis Club in September and is working with different cannabis brands to build a community. He is also bringing his experience from Willie Nelson’s cannabis brand. Previously, he had been responsible for developing the brand and launching a line of CBD products. Since then, he has been consulting with other brands on their upcoming products. His involvement will allow him to be a part of the process and collaborate with industry leaders to bring new products to market.

Blazed Cats

One of the most successful marijuana NFTs is the Blazed Cats marijuana nfT. It has over a million transactions. The team donated over a quarter of its profit to charity. This donation goes towards empowering mental health institutions. It also aims to help young people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Each NFT represents a specific type of cannabis user. The collection contains over 10,000 hand-drawn felines, each with unique and customizable features. Ten percent of the proceeds of each product is donated to Mental Health America. This is a great way to give back to the cannabis community while also giving back to a good cause.

The first wave of NFTs was sold out in 35 minutes and sold at a price of 0.35 ETH each. This equates to around $8.3 million in sales. The show was also backed by Mila Kunis.


WEEDGANG marijuana NFTs are a fun way to collect cannabis. They feature images of different strains of cannabis and contain data specific to that strain. These images are made by professionals in animation. Only those who own the Token can view them. The company plans to release more types of marijuana NFTs over time.

The utility of WEEDGANG marijuana NFTs is more important than their looks. They are built for gameplay, with a focus on the development of communities. Using a tokenomics model, they combine real-world cannabis pheno-hunting principles with utility-based NFTs.

The WEEDGANG marijuana NFT collection is also giving back to the cannabis community. Each NFT depicts a specific cannabis strain, and a portion of the profit goes to a non-profit organization called Mental Health America.

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