Most of the people love to buy branded bluetooth speakers and they can easily carry it everywhere to listen their favourite music beats. When you are going to buy a bluetooth speaker, then you might have seen the IPX waterproof ratings but you won’t consider it much or not given importance to it.

Standard IPX Waterproof Ratings of Bluetooth Speakers 1

While, it is necessary to give importance to the IPX waterproof ratings, because you may use the bluetooth speakers on any surface at that time it may encounter with water or any of water forms. When they come in contact with water, they may get damaged if they have a low IPX waterproof rating. So, while shopping a bluetooth speaker has to check the IPX waterproof ratings and need to shop based on the surface you are going to keep the speakers.

IPX waterproof and their usage


Keep the bluetooth speaker in a place which will not come into the contact of water, because IPX-0 rating won’t offer protection from water. 


It is enough with minimal protection then you can prefer the bluetooth speakers with IPX1. This shows that the device is capable of few raindrops. When taking the bluetooth speakers with this rating outside then you have to provide proper protection for it.


IPX2 are able to hold a few raindrops only and are able to tilt up to 15 degrees and with this can reduce the chances of water flowing into the speaker. These speakers were suitable to use during small picnics but it is not suitable to use at sea areas. 


Bluetooth speakers with IPX3 rating are able to handle the spray of water in a modest range. They can be tilted up to 60 degrees and this feature allows them to use it safely. 


Enjoy swimming with your favourite music by using the bluetooth speaker with IPX4 rating as they are capable to withstand splash of water in small amounts from any direction as they offer splash protection.


The bluetooth speakers with IPX5 rating are more advanced than IPX4 as they can survive direct spray of water too from any angle. It works fine after coming in direct contact with the water from the garden sprinkler too.


Like to go boating more but can’t make the wonderful water ride awesome as you miss your favourite music no need to worry about it as IPX6 rating bluetooth speakers were there for you. They have the capacity to handle powerful water jets but can’t be submerged into water directly. It is able to withstand the spray from ocean waves.


Bluetooth speakers in this rating are perfect to use when in a pool or lake as they are slipped into water by mistake also, they are able to survive as they will be fine even if they are fully submerged into water up to 3 feet.


It is advanced that IPX7 as they can survive even if they are fully submerged in water even more than the depth of 1 meter. Yet their survival capacity may differ according to the manufacturer.


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