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A digital signature is an electronic mark that confirms a person’s stamp of approval on a document. Digital signatures were established to make remote document signing easier and safer, thereby allowing businesses and individuals to save money and time. 

If you are wondering how to make your own signature, you’d be happy to learn that the process is simple and interesting. All you need to do is come up with a signature unique to your personality, then turn it into a digital image that can be used on various documents, such as legal contracts, employment letters, receipts, emails, etc. 

Why is a Handwritten Signature Important in Sales and Marketing?

In the world of business, a handwritten signature can make you stand out amongst the crowd. Not only does it act as proof of identity, but it also gives any document a distinctly human and personal touch. Plus, it is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity and originality. In sales and marketing, a digital signature can bring you the following benefits:

Adds a Personal Touch 

Businesses need an omnichannel strategy in sales and marketing since it is integral to nurture relationships throughout numerous touchpoints. Email is a critical component of marketing and one of the most fundamental ways to interact with a real human being. 

Since individuals buy from others, you can incorporate digital signatures into your marketing strategies to connect with potential clients on a deeper level. For instance, adding your designation along with your handwritten signature will help humanize your email conversations and gain the reader’s trust. 

Looks Professional

Looking professional is critical in sales and marketing; this is where digital signatures can help. A unique signature can show prospective clients that you are professional and take your job seriously. This, in turn, gives you a better to continue conversations with clients outside of the email chain. 

Acts as a Conversation Starter 

In sales or marketing, it is important to guide a potential customer through a journey so they can take the desired action. A personalized digital signature used in emails can help you achieve this. 

You can add CTAs in the form of banners, icons, and clickable buttons to your signature so readers can be directed toward the action you want them to take. And after you have made your sales and marketing emails actionable, readers will interact with you and the services or products you offer. 

Minimizes Costs 

Replacing paper signing processes with digital signatures can save your company time and money. This is done since an electronic signature eliminates the need for postage, papers, ink, courier, faxing, printing, and other costs. Besides immediate money savings, businesses also save time looking for misplaced or lost papers and filing and maintaining records of paper documents, among other things. 

Faster Payments

Your contract response time is significantly minimized when you replace traditional paper signing with a digital signature. This means your clients can instantly access the document, sign it, and return it to the original sender within a few minutes. 

More Targeted Emails 

You can customize your digital signature depending on your target groups and audiences. For instance, when reaching out to a potential investor or partner, you can include a link to the latest case study alongside your handwritten signature in the email. You can change the secondary information depending on the situation and client you are dealing with.

Key Elements of a Digital Signature

  1. Keep it clean and simple. Simplicity is one of the key elements of a powerful digital signature. A messy or cluttered one might fail to make the intended impact and appear juvenile or unprofessional. Aim for a signature that is clear and easy on the eyes yet unique and eye-catching. 
  2. Make sure it’s consistent. When it comes to creating a good electronic signature, consistency is essential. Utilize your chosen design consistently across all documents and platforms. This will help strengthen your company’s brand and make it easy for readers to identify your signature. Changing your sign often can confuse the reader and make you seem less serious. Depending on the situation, you can customize the accompanying information, such as company links, business websites, etc., using an email signature. 
  3. Create the right balance and proportions. Take into account the spacing and size of your digital signature to ensure that it looks visually appealing and fits well with the rest of your content. Experiment with different font styles, font sizes, shapes, and designs to see which one has the perfect balance and the ideal style. 
  4. Take care of pen pressure and flow. If you are creating a handwritten signature, pay attention to the flow and pressure of your pen to create the perfect strokes. This will give your signature a more fluid and smooth look and an overall elegant appearance. 


Digital signatures bring a host of sales and marketing benefits for your business, such as improved client relations, increased personalization, faster payments, and many more. To create the perfect digital signature, use the tips mentioned above to ensure it represents your personality, uniqueness, and professionalism.

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