Sophos has always been an excellent anti-virus package for corporate users but you can now get Sophos for home use completely free of charge.

You can create yourself an account with Sophos and then install on up to 10 computers for family and friends and also centrally manage them from a web console.

Having been using McAfee Internet Security for about three years now and costing up to £89 GBP, we have recently moved to Sophos Home and have found it much better at detection and does not cause the computer to slow down like McAfee does during updates and scheduled scans.

It also provides web site protection so if you try and visit a web site with reported viruses on it – it will step in and stop you and give a warning message like this:

Sophos Anti-Virus and Web Protection Free for Home Users 1

It also protects again Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) so if you download an installer and it tries to wrap in programs you do not want, it will alert you and allow you to clean the dirty downloaded file:

Sophos Anti-Virus and Web Protection Free for Home Users 2

The software itself has a very simple user interface making it easy to clean to use where you can add some exceptions should you wish and run a full scan at your own convenience:

Sophos Anti-Virus and Web Protection Free for Home Users 3

To get this product, you simply need to create yourself an account using the link below:

Sophos Home

This will take you to the Sophos Home page and you just click on the “Get Started” green button:

Sophos Anti-Virus and Web Protection Free for Home Users 4

This is where you can create your Sophos account with a few simple fields:

Sophos Anti-Virus and Web Protection Free for Home Users 5

You will then need to confirm your email and you will then have access to your Sophos Home Dashboard. From here you can either install on the machine you are logged into or you can generate a link to send to your friends and family (up to 10 remember) to download a custom installer.

Please note that we are no way affiliated with this product, we just believe that this is one of the best free security programs available at the moment and wanted to share it with our visitors.


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5 thoughts on “Sophos Anti-Virus and Web Protection Free for Home Users

  1. Can anyone tell me how to stop that annoying dropdown box that drops down all the time, “adware or pua detected by Sophos anti-virus”

  2. Sophos wants me to delete Spybot and AVG before they proceed. I am not willing to do that. Is there a way to keep all three?

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