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A logo is the visual representation of a brand, product, or company that instantly identifies it and separates it from other entities.  It can be any combination of text, images, symbols and colors that, placed together, informs people of your identity.  Your logo tells a lot about you – who you are, what you do, why you are in business, and what you stand for.

Today, making a logo is easier than ever, and there are plenty of online logo makers to choose from. Unfortunately, many businesses have not realized what a crucial role the logo occupies in the marketplace, and have not allocated the proper resources needed to create a powerful and effective logo. Thinking that they can save on expenses by doing away with the creative process and just getting generic pre-made logos, or they try to do it themselves, only to realize later that the cost of re-branding is actually more expensive.

Think about it; you wouldn’t want to pick a domain name without exploring plenty of options, either independently or with a domain brokerage. On the same token, the logo you attach to your domain—and by extension, your brand—matters just as much.

Do not get yourself into this trap and invest in a logo that you can swear by. Here we list the Top 10 reasons why a logo is crucial for your business.

1. It brings attention to your business

As technology advances, more and more distractions are being thrown to customers every day as they get bombarded by new applications, digital services, gadgets, and others.  When before, they had to wait in line or book in advance for products and services that they need, today everything is just one click away.

This development has triggered a change in customer behavior. In particular, the average attention span of an individual has shrunk to only 8 seconds, which is a huge 25% decline compared to previous years. A compelling logo will take advantage of this small window frame and be able to make your customer take a second look at your business.

2. It makes you stand out

For every product or service that is available in the marketplace, there are hundreds, and sometimes even thousands that can easily take their place. Your logo can separate your business from the numerous competitors in the field, provided it is distinct, unique, and accurately represents your business and your brand story.

3. It sets the tone for customer perception

Like in any human relationship, the first interaction weighs heavily in a person’s memory and can affect your future interactions.  As the forefront of the business, your logo is one of the first things that the customer will see when they get in touch with you.  A logo that resonates with the customer’s own preferences would inspire a fondness for you and will make them more accepting of what you want to say.

4. It reinforces your brand image

In a nutshell, your brand image is a summary of all experiences that the customer had with your product or service. It’s about how it makes them feel when they think about you.  A positive brand image will create loyal customers for your business, while a negative one will drive them away.

Your logo is a part of this experience and has a significant impact on the overall brand image that you create in the minds of your customers. Small details such as the colors you are using, the size and style of the font, the background color, the icon or images used must resonate with your audience and create a strong sense of affinity while also communicating the right story for your business.

5. It helps with customer recall

Studies have shown that an average person is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 brands in one day. As more and more businesses fight to grab the attention of their customer, the logo has an even more important role in creating a space for you in the marketplace.  A powerful and effective logo has the ability to make your customer remember you over all the other product and company names

6. It cultivates brand loyalty

Great customer service builds loyalty—and so does your brand image. As you continue providing a positive experience and cultivating positive feelings in your customers, they start to associate themselves with your business.  People naturally identify themselves with things and ideas they feel an affinity with and make them feel good. This is why everything about your business that is related to your brand must be carefully studied and tested before it is released to the public.

A logo that resonates with your customers helps to remind them about the emotional gratification that they received after interacting with your business. The more often they see your logo, the more they are reminded of these pleasurable experiences, and the more they are satisfied with your brand.  This is a recurring cycle that ties the customer closer to your business and leads to brand loyalty.

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