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Personal check mailing and printing has become considerably less popular with the rise of debit, credit, and online payment platforms. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that checks are entirely obsolete, at least for now. There’s still plenty of situations in which you might want to know how a check works and how to write one. For businesses, check writing and payment processing are still a necessary part of operations. In fact, many businesses work with check printing software to manage their payments and monitor the company’s spending.

As we continue to depend on online payment platforms, like PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay, the practice of writing a check and balancing your checkbook has fallen by the wayside. And for many people, that’s not necessarily a problem. However, it’s still important to know how to deposit a check should you receive one. If you manage the books at a larger company, or you’re a small business owner, you’re probably significantly more familiar with this process than most.

Let’s break down a few of the pros and cons of using a check to complete a transaction and review the situations in which you might want to consider a check. We’ll also look at check printing’s importance in the business world, then explain a few ways in which business owners can optimize this process for their company.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Personal Checks

With digital payment options taking center stage in today’s world, it’s no wonder check writing and printing has fallen by the wayside. In fact, many people out there aren’t even sure where to get checks, let alone write one. You can order checks through the bank, and many new account owners usually receive a small checkbook with their first deposit, while 

When You Might Use a Personal Check

While many retailers and larger businesses no longer accept checks as an adequate form of payment, there are still plenty of small businesses that would prefer you write a check rather than pay with a credit card. Checks rarely have fees for the business owner, whereas credit card processing can cost the business a considerable amount of money. While this might mean the company has to manage their books by hand, this also means they get to save a considerable amount in the way of processing fees.

Personal checks are still a fairly common way to pay the rent each month, particularly if you’re required to pay your landlord directly. You can also send a payment to someone through the mail using a check with significantly more security than you might with cash. In addition, there are plenty of locations in the United States where a check might be the best way to pay the IRS during tax season each year. In addition, 7% of Americans don’t even use the internet. While it might seem like writing a personal check is an old-fashioned practice, there are still plenty of Americans who prefer it relative to other options.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Personal Checks

While there are still a handful of benefits to using personal checks in our digital era, most would likely argue that the costs outweigh the benefits. One of the primary drawbacks to using a personal check is the security of the payment. While many checks come fully equipped with security features like watermarks, controlled paper stock, and a chemical wash detection box, their security is relatively low in comparison with online payment processing platforms.

Personal payment options like Venmo or Zell allow most consumers to make a payment significantly faster and exchange money with a friend rather than pay them back in cash. They are significantly more secure in almost every situation and are more readily accessible for making a payment online.

In fact, your credit card number falling into the wrong hands is usually less serious a security issue for you financially than a high-value check reaching a scammer or being intercepted in the mail. You can always freeze or close your credit card account, but it can often be challenging to prevent money from leaving your account if someone you don’t know manages to cash the check. 

Check Printing’s Importance in Business

For small and large businesses alike, check printing and mailing are essential for making official payments. Contractors, vendors, and employees are all frequently paid via check. For B2B transactions, in particular, a check is a reliable way to avoid fees between accounts held at different banks. Businesses that need to mail checks sometimes use same-day or next-day mailing services to ensure that the check stays secure.

Check Printing Software

Many companies purchase check printing and online payment processing services to create business checks with professional logos and designs. These software products allow businesses to view all of the transactions coming in and out of their account, set up new check payments, and of course, order more checks. Most check printing software also allows businesses to set up recurring payments so that they essentially work the same way as a direct deposit.

If your business is looking for a new check printing software option or seeking a reliable payment processing platform, there are a few features you might want to look for when shopping options. Read up on the provider company’s security record- have they had any issues in the last few years? Have they been hacked in the past? Choosing an unreliable check printing software company can be a security risk to your business data.

Check to ensure that the product allows you to order same day or next day mailing and tracking services. The higher quality options also come with account reporting options and standard features. The provider company should also offer reliable support options if there’s an issue with any of the transactions. Ultimately, you’re looking for a software product that makes sending checks a smooth and efficient process.


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