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You may have noticed with the batch of Windows updates on 14th April that your Lync Online client has now been automatically updated to Skype for Business 2013.

So what are the changes? below is the official Microsoft line…

Changes are coming to Lync Online in Office 365. Lync is joining the Skype family, so in the coming months, Lync will be changing to Skype for Business.

Release date – Skype for Business will be generally available on April 14, 2015.

Benefits – After your organization is transitioned to Skype for Business, you and your users will benefit from:

  • Skype-inspired design With the same look and feel of the Skype client, your users will benefit from the same familiar user interface and ease of use with the new Skype for Business clients.
  • Global reach Voice and video connectivity to the entire Skype network.
  • Full Lync feature set Because Skype for Business builds on existing Lync features, no features or functionality will be lost.
What to expect – Everything Lync is becoming Skype for Business.
  • Lync 2013 clients are changing to Skype for Business clients.
  • Lync Web app is changing to Skype for Business web app.
  • Lync admin center is changing to Skype for Business admin center.
  • Lync Online is changing to Skype for Business Online.

How is the Lync client user experience changing?

  • The contact window and features are inspired by Skype:
    Skype for Business Contact List
  • Meetings experience and controls with the look and feel of Skype:

    Skype for Business meetings

  • Skype for Business taskbar icon:
    Skype for Business Taskbar
  • Skype for Business title bars:
    The Lync mode Skype for Business client:
    Skype for Business Title Bar (Lync mode)
    The Skype for Business client:
    Skype for Business client title bar
  • Windows Search returns both Lync and Skype for Business:
    Searching for Skype for Business

Skype vs the Lync user interface

  • Office 365 administrators will be able to change the setting that is used to change from the new Skype client design to the familiar Lync client user interface design for your users. These settings will allow you to toggle between the two user interface designs for your users that use Skype for Business. To see how to do this, see Switching between the Skype for Business and the Lync client user interfaces.

    Want to learn more about the Skype for Business client?

    We have several additional resources including videos and Webinars that are available to not only help you prepare for this changes, but also resources that will help you with rolling out these changes to your users.
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