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There are several techniques you can use if you want to build up your network of backlinks. Some are considered white hat, while others are regarded as black hat or unethical. Generally, the preferred techniques are the ones you should utilize if you want your website to do well in the search engine rankings.

You can always buy backlinks, a technique that costs money but is likely to generate the interest in your site that you want. You can also look into guest blogging.

Is guest blogging a link-building strategy that’s worth pursuing? We will address that question in the following article. 

You Can Increase Your Influence if You Write Guest Blogs

If you have a website in a particular niche, you want to become a known entity within that industry. Part of how you can do that is guest blogging.

You can look for other websites with blogs that have to do with your niche. Then, you can ask them if they need any guest bloggers.

By doing so, you can have featured content in multiple places online that you wrote. You’ll begin to establish your authority as an expert in your niche. You can also create a backlink going from your guest blog to your website.

You’ll Build Meaningful Relationships

When you do guest blogging on other websites, you’ll create a solid backlink, but you’ll also create a relationship with another entity within your niche. You never know how those relationships are going to help you in the future.

Maybe a website for which you wrote a guest blog will want to do an eBook and include some of the blogs you wrote. That’s yet another way your website can gain more notoriety, in addition to the original backlink you set up when you first wrote the blog.

If You Create High-Quality Content, Others in Your Niche Will Seek You Out

Let’s say that you start writing some guest blogs on other websites having to do with your niche. When you do that, you get a backlink that leads to your site.

You’ll attract some site visitors through that backlink, but the blog you wrote serves another purpose as well. It’s like a sample of what you can provide for other blogs or websites within your industry that need similar content.

If you write enough of these blogs, and you can keep providing scintillating content, more websites and blogs will keep asking you to do guest writing gigs for them. When they do, you will create an even more extensive network of guest posts.

Each one will come with a backlink. As your network grows, your site will keep getting more visitors. If you’re selling a product or service on your website, you should start to see more conversions as well.

This is the rich tapestry that you can create through guest blogging. There’s no denying this is a white-hat link-building technique and one that you should employ if you want to make your website a known commodity. 

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