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If you are looking for a service that makes logo building experience quick and easy for a user who knows nothing about logo designing tips. The online app we introduced today is the one turning your business idea come to life shortly. The whole designing experience of DesignEvo is straightforward from start to finish. Basically, it requires like seconds to minutes to work out a quality logo design. Its free download option is much user-favored.

Search A Logo Idea That Works for Your Business

DesignEvo has over 7000 logo templates that are searchable and made by the professional, which maximally narrow down the possibility for any mistake in designing. With a business idea in mind, you can directly run a search with a keyword in the interface of the online logo maker. Usually, DesignEvo will give you with tens of backup options for the next move of designing a logo. While, if you input a keyword that composes two or more words, you may get a disappointing outcome.

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Customize Your Logo

Once you find your ideal logo template, give it a press, and you will see the designing canvas where you can make a change. Simply by clicking an element, the changeable options will show. You can try a different color, a different font or another effect. One delightful thing is that DesignEvo records every movement of yours, so that you can keep redoing to the point where you want it to be. Color Scheme is important to the success of the logo design. For those who don’t know how to use colors right, DesignEvo frees you from a color picker and shares you with those suggested colors in the document color table along with your used ones. The best policy is to use those brand colors listed in the document.

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6 Scenarios for Preview, 3 Packages for Download

Just allowing you to design a logo won’t make a good logo maker. DesignEvo presents you 6 scenarios to preview the logo out of your hand. They are scenario in a business card, scenario on the document head, printed on the cover of a notebook, used in a website, printed on a fabricated T-shirt and projecting on a business wall. For downloading your logo design, 3 options are included: FREE, BASIC (Priced at 24.99 USD) and PLUS (Priced at 49.99 USD). BASIC package will download the high-resolution bitmap images in JPG, PNG and PNG-transparent. PLUS package is the upgraded version for BASIC plan, additionally including the image copyright for commercial use and vector files of SVG and PDF.

DesignEvo Logo Maker 3

Easy to Make Changes Whenever You Want

For registered users, you can take advantage of the [Save] feature, which, technically speaking, is a cloud service. This feature is designed to save the logo projects, and it’s free of charge to save the first 3 logo projects. With the saving of the projects, you can re-edit the logo long after the purchase.

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Ending Words

Speaking of DesignEvo logo maker online, we found the logo service easy to use. For those who are looking for a right company logo at a bottom price, DesignEvo is a choice.

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