Hello, my dear developers! Are you preparing for an interview with React Native Development Company and worrying that you will not pass? Don’t worry, in this article, we will talk to you about how to successfully clear an interview in React Native Development Company!

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework based on JavaScript that creates mobile applications that run on mobile devices with various software such as Android and iOS. It is based on ReactJS, so the main goal here is to develop high-quality web user interfaces (UIs).

This framework is extremely popular in the developer market, it is one of the five best and most advanced programs.

Advantages of React Native

  1. A hot reboot is one of the best features of this framework. Implied? When creating a product’s code, the programmer can update the program himself, even during the creation process or when an app is running. It’s incredibly convenient. This saves a lot of time because you can make changes and see what it looks like at any time, rather than at the end of the workflow to make adjustments to the finished product. All changes made to the code are automatically displayed on the developer screen at the same time.
  • React Native, unlike most frameworks, supports the use of third-party plug-ins. Some frameworks reject the danger of using them, but React Native is extremely flexible and with a pragmatic interface, so it has nothing to fear.

  • Cost-effective React Native allows you to build cross-platform apps without extra costs. Part of the generated code of the ready-made application can be used on other platforms! In addition, the error resolution time is much shorter compared to other platforms.

  • Attraction of the audience. Every company wants to have as many customers as possible in its database, so creating a mobile application is a great way to attract new customers. Using React Native, the company should be able to create an inter-platform application that will be easily downloaded to mobile devices with various software such as Android and iOS.

  • Support of a large community. When Facebook decided to launch React Native, it wanted to use it only for its own purposes. However, over time, the company realized that this product will be successful in the market and introduced it to the world. Now React Native is supported by the largest tech community, has a huge baggage of information to study and of course it is freely available, which is very attractive to programmers.

  • Reusable code. This significantly increases the rating of React Native in the eyes of developers. Reusing code saves a lot of time and effort in creating a new application, as more than half of the code that is already created can be used in new projects between iOS and Android.

  • Built-in React Native components. This framework already has ready-made codes for certain functions, so the developer can use them in their projects for free. This feature also greatly simplifies the work in React Native and is one of the reasons why programmers choose this framework.

  • The user-friendly and simple React Native interface is more like a JavaScript library than a stand-alone framework. React Native has focused on functions, not on the appearance of the framework itself, but it is built so that each given function is executed systematically and this is the most important thing. The interface developed in React Native is more understandable and requires less downloading time.

React Native Developer Skills

The advanced React Native developer must be able to:

  • create his or her own applications. In addition, to create an application in React Native, it must be transferred to Android or iOS, and for this the programmer must be able to use languages that develop products such as JavaScript or Swift;
  • combine different libraries and different tricks in the React Native program to create high quality and competitive projects;
  • have leadership skills and the ability to lead a team. If you are the leader of the development team, you need to understand all the intricacies of the workflow, choose the best solution, use different approaches to systematic analysis, maintain productivity and work choice in the direction of qualitative changes in need;
  • discuss the end result of the program architecture;
  •  be able to listen to the ideas of the team;
  •  find the best option that will provide a quality product at the exit;
  • create special functions. Skills in working with various third-party instruments, such as a microphone or a camera, are very important. It is also extremely important to be able to add materials from them to the product itself.

Tips on how to prepare for an interview in React Native Development Company

In general, how is the interview going? Before inviting the developer for a live interview, his or her resume, work base, communication with his former employers about the experience of working with him, etc. are studied in detail. In short, full study of a person.

So if you are invited to talk live, it means that you are suitable, but you need to find the last puzzle. This conversation will assess your communication skills (which are also very important in the work of the developer) and mental abilities. So here are some questions you may hear at the interview, answering which will make a good impression on the employer and increase your chances of getting a job:

1. What is React Native? Yes, the question is as simple as possible, but you are working with this framework, so you have to give a clear answer as to what it is (the answer is at the beginning of this article!).

2. Is React Native single-threaded? Let’s think logically, because React Native is built on JavaScript which is single-threaded. That is, the components stand in line while one element is displayed and obediently wait for their turn.

3. React JS and React Native are the same? No, they are different. React is a JavaScript library designed for web development while React Native is the foundation of mobile development. React Native has its own built-in components and no need for others and React Native is computed through an interface.

4. Are there any technical glitches in React Native? There are a few that don’t read all of their APIs, while they are non-autonomous with respect to libraries, and often have memory issues.

5. What are the props? Props are settings for configuring the component during design and subsequent reuse. The component should not change its own props, but only respond to changes in the details of the parent component. It is immutable and cannot be changed.

6. What is the importance of Yoga in the work of React Native? Yoga is a cross-platform layout mechanism with a variety of actions such as calculating layouts from the main stream for clear product operation. Because React Native works with the shadow stream, which is the basis of your layout that you encode. In the shadow stream, React Native uses Yoga to make the layout created with flexbox understandable to your usual host.

7. What does WebView do in React Native? It is responsible for displaying web pages in the mobile application. It seems to collect all the packs together and unload them ready-made. It can be found in the response-native-webview folder.

8. What does the watchdog do for React Native? A watchdog project created by Facebook to view changes made to a product. It can also suggest an action based on a file change.

In React Native, the watchdog works with a hot reboot, which speeds up the project building process. In the work itself, it looks like this: the programmer makes a change, the Watchman processes it and automatically shows the changes without unnecessary intervention by a programmer.


So, addressing the topic of this article, we talked to you about React Native Company and tips for a successful interview. Carefully review all the issues we talked about here and study what you did not know. In general, the more you know the better it is. Don’t worry, I believe you will succeed!

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