In 2015 alone, there were nearly 200,000 road-related casualties in the UK. The recent resolution of Dashcam and Sat Nav issues have helped improve road safety. However, City Safety Technology, which is currently being incorporated into Volvo’s designs, has already reduced accident claims by almost one third. The technology is likely to reduce crashes and save lives in the process, substantiating the company’s pledge to have no fatalities involving a Volvo from 2020.

What is City Safety Technology?

City Safety Technology is designed to assist motorists on busy roads, bringing their attention to any human, animal or vehicle movement that the driver may not notice. The technology incorporates an internal camera and a radar, which can scan the car’s surroundings and detect any movement. With over 60% of casualties happening on built-up roads, City Safety Technology can be particularly effective at keeping pedestrians, motorists and cyclists safer in busy streets. It goes without saying, however, that, regardless of the safety benefits of the technology, drivers must of course still arrange suitable cover in case of any incidents.

The automatic braking system

City Safety Technology will alert the driver immediately if it detects a possible collision. Lights will shine in front of the driver, allowing him or her to react. If the latter does not happen speedily enough, the car’s automatic braking system kicks in. This reduces the car’s speed by half. Should a collision still be on the cards, the technology will bring the car to a standstill. If the driver does react in time, though, he or she will still have full control of the car.

How can City Safety technology prevent an accident?

City Safety Technology will be triggered in several scenarios. One example is when the car turns left just as a blind-sided pedestrian or cyclist is approaching head on. The technology can also sense when people, vehicles or animals move in front of you suddenly, or swerve into your lane. If the movement happens at 28 mph or lower, the City Safety Technology can prevent a collision; higher than this and it can significantly reduce the impact of the collision. It can sometimes be the difference between saving lives or not.

City Safety technology: bringing safety to drivers and road users alike

The development of technology focused on road safety will always be vital. City Safety Technology is already providing very welcome results when it comes to reducing collisions and injuries. As a result, the technology may well help give drivers extra reassurance behind the wheel, while keeping pedestrians and cyclists safer in the process.

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