Digital Delivery is Mr Key Shop’s focus

The Digital World is ever-evolving, and one of the most prominent companies in this segment is Mr Key Shop, which transformed its business into a 100% Digital Company. Let’s face it: Digital Delivery is here to stay. Long gone are those times where you had to drive to the nearest computer store and buy your big, bulky box filled with pages and pages of documentation, registration cards, advertising, and your ‘compact’ physical media with your chosen software.

Following the advent of digital services like Steam, GoG’s Galaxy, and other gaming platforms, Digital Delivery has been exclusively related to video games for a long time. Sure, a lot of companies started selling their own products from their websites, e-stores, etc., but most of the time you had to order a physical box or some kind of media.

Looking back at some years ago, you still had the chance to buy your new Microsoft Operating System or your Antivirus software at any consumer electronics store. In time, Microsoft opened its own Store, and almost all software companies moved to a digital distribution system (i.e. download your installer, and then buy your license).

Why is Mr Key Shop different globally?

Digital Delivery became the focus of most companies, including third-party resellers. Among the latter ones, Mr Key Shop emerges as one of the most consolidated brands, offering a rich, encompassing catalog of digital products, spanning from Microsoft Windows Operating Systems to Microsoft Office Suites, Antivirus tools, and business software like Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Storage Server, and Microsoft SQL Server.

As a company, Mr Key Shop has been selling premium digital software for 15 years and counting, with over 250 thousand customers, setting de facto a model that many other companies will refer to in this market segment. About 10 years ago, Digital Delivery was primarily about video games, with Steam selling 1.500 games from 100 developers as of January 2010. Business and user software was still sold mainly in physical form.

Going digital - Mr Key Shop's Model 1

Mr Key Shop has been a digital company since their inception

Since day one, Mr Key Shop’s digital model has involved an expert support team, affordable prices, and 100% genuine digital licenses for Microsoft Windows OS, Office, and Antivirus tools. Later on, they added Microsoft Server software to their catalog, as well as the latest editions of Windows 11 and Office 2021 both for Windows and Mac.

Is Mr Key Shop legit and reliable?

Unlike many third-party resellers (i.e. on Amazon or eBay), Mr Key Shop offers a fully-fledged service with secure payment methods (SSL, PayPal), instant delivery after the purchase with everything you need to get started (download link, official license, instructions, and invoice), as well as a full money-back warranty and free English-speaking Customer Service. As you can see on TrustPilot, Mr Key Shop is a 100% reliable business, with an excellent track record of positive feedback.

But what’s the catch? You may ask… Well, there is no catch at all. Mr Key Shop is specialized in refurbished licenses, recovered from discontinued machines, and so on. Such a practice is 100% legit, as stated by the European Court of Justice (C-128/11 – July 3rd, 2021), and gives you the opportunity of saving up to 80% on your order.

What are the benefits from Mr Key Shop?

Mr Key Shop is a very reliable company that cares about their clients, addressing all their needs. Competitive pricing is just one of the key benefits offered, that include:

  • Instant email delivery after each purchase
  • Free English-speaking Customer Service
  • Sacure SSL Payments, with all main Payment Methods accepted
  • Full warranty for all products in the catalog
Going digital - Mr Key Shop's Model 2

Considering how expensive a Microsoft Store’s license can be, buying from Mr Key Shop is a very smart move. You’ll get your next digital product key without breaking the bank… and the law!

Furthermore, there is another benefit in shopping from Mr Key Shop: digital delivery means zero pollution! And this is not just an added value, since it’s hard-coded in Mr Key Shop’s DNA as a pillar of their Digital Ethics. Since the company will never ship any physical goods, they can reduce their footprint by cutting pollution and waste (documentation, boxes, packaging) caused by real-world retail distribution.

Mr Key Shop has been at the forefront of the digital distribution model since its inception, for 15 years they have brought top-notch digital products to their customers, sharing their Eco-Friendly approach, and leading the way to a greener and more digital world.

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