Microsoft Power Apps enables business owners and professionals to resolve operational difficulties quicker while fulfilling rigorous specifications for governance and security in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Power Apps can offer them digitization of transactions in methods that decrease risk and operational change associated with CMMI and ISO. The process of digitization makes them repeatable and measurable, resulting in constant growth and rising levels of successful operations for your DoD clients.

Several businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) are opting for migration to Microsoft GCC High and utilize Power Apps along with this platform as it fulfils the following compliance requirements:

  • DISA Impact Level 4
  • FedRAMP High
  • Provisioned with respect to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Special Publication 800-145
  • US Persons Administration and US Data Location

In GCC High, Power Apps have a requirement for the clients to make use of Azure AD Government for client identities, on the contrary GCC makes use of Public Azure AD. In the case of DoD contractors, Microsoft directly suggests that they utilize the service in a way that allows these clients to fulfil ITAR requirements and DFARS acquisition regulations, as demanded and documented by their contracts with the US Department of Defense. Power Apps and different Power Platform abilities can be set up for CMMC compliance as well. Only a few authorized Cloud Desktop Providers are allowed to offer GCC High subscriptions.

Power Apps is one of the most important products in the Power Platform and is usually available along with Microsoft GCC High. Power Apps can allow process and workflow automation for U.S. government businesses and contractors to develop the objective.

Power Apps considerably decrease the amount of effort and expense needed to design custom apps to resolve your difficulties and the Governments. Integrate data from more than 50 applications and tap into the Common Data Service (CDS) with enterprise-level security as well as governance.

There are two Power Apps licensing alternatives in GCC High i.e., Power Apps per App and Power Apps per user.

Because of increased security, data separation, and engineering differences linked with Microsoft’s completely sovereign cloud offering, feature releases might lag in comparison with the commercial and GCC offerings of Microsoft 365.


  • Activities and processes associated with Power Apps are not yet being covered in the Security and Compliance Center’s audit logs. 
  • No support for third-party tools like Adobe Sign, Asana, GitHub, etc.
  • Restricted assistance for first-party (Microsoft) connections.  
  • Some of the connectors missing like Excel and OneDrive for Business.
  • Push notifications are not supported. 
  • Embedding Power Apps are not supported within SharePoint through the Power Apps Web-Part or in Teams through a Tab.
  • Power App Portals do not have any support in Microsoft GCC High.  
  • Power Query
  • CDS (Common Data Service) analytics
  • Dataflows in Power Apps
  • AI Builder

Apps4Rent provides exceptional services for Microsoft GCC High with robust and reliable security and data management. Additionally, they offer services to Migrate SharePoint Online from One Tenant to another and much more for the benefit of your business.

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