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One of the perils of working in IT is that I am constantly asked by friends and family the age old question;

What is the best free anti-virus software?

Well, there’s plenty of free anti-virus software out there and there is not really an answer to this question – there is no “best” anti-virus software, only personal opinion!

Myself, at home (and recommendations to said friends and family!) I use Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) being the Microsoft slave that I am, but a lot of my colleagues go for AVG, but there’s also Avira and Avast! that will supply you with free AV protection.

To help those out in the hunt for free anti-virus protection, I’ll list below some links to the freebie AV sites, I’ll even pop in some free Mac anti-virus protection sites!


Microsoft Security Essentials – My personal recommendation

Avast – Be careful of them trying to get you to actually buy their full product!

Avira – Never used it so I can’t really give an opinion on this one!

AVG – Age old free anti-virus, one of the first to supply free AV to the masses


Sophos Anti-Virus Home for Mac


So, hopefully, this answers the question of free anti-virus software, or at least what your options are and where you can get it from, the choice is yours!

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