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Most of times, it was not possible to know the kinds of apps, compatible with Chrome. In some cases, you may not know how important those apps are when you are surfing on the internet using the Chrome browser. However, there are many extensions which you may not know about let alone heard of.

Turn Off the Lights

It is viable when you are watching a video on YouTube or a website. You can concentrate on the part where the video is shown by, while dimming the lights on other parts of the screen. Other parts of the screen around the video may be distracting but this extension will help you sort that out by dimming the light around the video for quality visual.

Chrome User Agent Switcher

It is developed by Google and offers a chance for you to surf incognito in terms of the browser you are using. It helps you to hide your browser from other websites where you can tell the other sites that you are using a different browser. This is helpful in case you want to visit websites that do not accept Chrome browsers and surf without any problem.

Long Descriptions in Context Menu

It is also a Google product which allows you to see the long descriptions embedded by websites on an image. For example a graphical image may have a long description which you may not see or it may not be shown. If you do not know how to interpret the image, you can use this app to view its long description in order to understand what it is all about. Just as one can learn how to play free Keno, for instance, wins on the best online platform. Check out all the characteristics and moves of the game to improve your odds.

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

It allows you to run the strength of an internet connection on your browser. Sometimes the internet connection may not be as indicated from your ISP. With this tool, you will be able to know what speed you are surfing at in terms of the internet connectivity on your browser. It allows you to run a diagnostics and find out where the problem is or if it is being blocked and then resolve it quickly.


It is an extension on Chrome that comes in handy when you are typing on your browser. It is a spellchecker that sees if you write the correctly before you actually publish or post it. It helps a lot to avoid making mistakes when writing. Also, it offers the best predictions as you write on your browser.

Traffic Light

It is developed by Bitdefender, as a security app which scans websites for malicious applications. If a website has viruses or malicious software, it blocks them completely. Also, it scans your search results where you will see green checkmarks on your search results. It also informs you when there are tracking cookies on sites like the social media.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoiWpqZlMVQ

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