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End-of-year holidays are approaching quickly, and people are beginning to finalize their travel plans. While many people are having to rethink plans from years past, due to COVID-19, many are still planning on leaving home to see family members. After a year of self-isolation, some families are pleased to get out of the house—some are rushing to do so. But rushing to get out of your house isn’t the way to go. You may have your travel plans in order, but have you considered how you’ll protect your home?

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Home break-ins and robberies increase during the holidays. Thieves up their game this time of year, knowing that people will be away from home for lengths of time. So, before you head off from home, you need to consider how safe it is. Take the time to secure your home before heading off for the holidays. The following tips can help bulletproof your home against thieves.

Install interior home surveillance.

The first thing you should think to do is have protection in case anything happens. Home surveillance is a great way to establish just that, allowing you to capture footage of anything that happens indoors.

New technology has made it easy to access Wi-Fi-enabled cameras wherever you are, so you can even check in on your home while you’re away at your relatives’ homes. Better yet, having them in plain sight—viewable when peering in through your windows—can deter criminals from taking the risk of breaking in.  

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Make sure entrances are secure.

Robbers don’t usually think of an incredible way to break into your home; they’ll sneak in through an unsecured window or door with a weak lock rather than sliding down your chimney à la Santa.

Make updates to your home’s entrances as needed. This includes improving windows, replacing old locks, replacing a broken or cracking door, and more.

Use smart lights and decorations to your advantage.

Decorations around your house are a simple way to make people think you’re at home, especially Christmas lights decorating the interior and exterior of your home. Further, having a well-lit house will make it seem like someone is currently around and will not be keen about an intruder.

Consider installing smart lights in your home, which can be turned on and off through an app on your smartphone, as well as setting decorations and lights up to a timer. This consistency provides a sense of life that will cause a robber to get confused.

Stop your mail if you’ll be away for more than a few days, and get your driveway plowed.

Mail bursting out of your mailbox is an easy sign that no one is around to collect it. Stop by the post office before you leave, especially if you’ll be gone for more than three days, and ask them to stop your service. They’ll hold your mail until you return to town.

On the other hand, ask a neighbor or friend to stop by to collect whatever shows up. You might be expecting a package this time of year, so this could be your best option. They can also report anything unusual-looking.

Also, if you live in the north, set up automatic snow-plowing before you leave when any storms look possible. Besides making your house look lived-in, it will be a gift to your future self when you get back.

Keep valuables out of sight.

Don’t leave out expensive items or gifts, especially in clear view for anyone peering through your windows to see. Store them in an in-home safe or a locked room instead. If a break-in happens, you’ve at least protected your most expensive and cherished items against theft.

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Install motion detector lights outside.

Preventing a break-in is as important as capturing it on the footage. One of the last things a criminal wants is to be seen. Rather than letting them lurk in the dark, install motion detector lights around your property.

By shining a light on a potential burglar, you can cause them to flee from your property before they get any closer. Powerful floodlights will do the work for you, illuminating your entire yard. The bright light might even catch the attention of your neighbors, who may phone the police on your behalf if they think something is awry.

Set up outdoor security cameras.

Along with protecting the inside of your home with security cameras, you should consider installing outdoor security cameras, too. The sight of these is likely to send any potential intruder running scared, as the last thing they’ll want is evidence of them attempting to break-in.

Utilize outdoor floodlights to improve their recording capability, along with making them visible to criminals. Seeing them will cause them to turn around and forget even trying to break into your home.

Put a home security sign in your front yard.

Consider putting a home security sign somewhere visible in front of your home, even if you don’t have outdoor security cameras. Why? Sometimes a warning is enough to send someone running. Rather than trying to see whether you have cameras or a security system, they’re bound to cut their losses and head elsewhere to avoid future persecution.

Don’t let social media know you’re away from home.

You never know who’s looking at your social media feed. For all you know, even an avid follower might have bad intentions.

Don’t advertise your holidays to the world. Someone might see them and realize you’re away from home, meaning your property could become a target. Save the pictures until you get home!

Be Sure to Protect Your Precious Home

Before you rush out the door and get your kids and luggage stored inside your minivan, take the time to guarantee your home is secured. It’s better to take time to prepare and protect than to come home to a burglarized home.

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