In this article, I want to review the best free VPN extensions for Google Chrome. It should be noted that some of the presented solutions are also suitable for other browsers.

VPN is a technology that creates another, more secure connection on top of one. In this case, protection is provided by closing off access from the outside by means of various encryption tools. As a result, the user’s IP address changes, and he leaves almost no “traces” anywhere.

The common goal everywhere is the same – to protect your own or your company’s confidential data from being passed on to third parties. To put it simply, so that no one “leftist” gets your logins, passwords, banking data, location data, and so on.

You don’t need any professional skills to set up a VPN. Especially if you have Google Chrome browser. Go to the proprietary online store and download the necessary extension.

But here’s the rub – there are a thousand options. How do you determine which extensions are good and which are not? I’ll help you with that.

Browsec VPN is popular precisely because of high-quality protection. However, there is a caveat here – privacy at that very high level is provided only in a paid profile. And in the free profile you will have to suffer a little with the stability of the connection and the speed of data exchange. The plugin is used by many people, and for free it provides only 4 servers, which is a huge load. Due to this at times may fail to load pages.

Hotspot Shield Free for Chrome doesn’t just hide your IP address, it ensures complete privacy of your data. It very effectively blocks all kinds of telemetry, but only on a paid basis. The free version has limited functionality, but it is enough for safe Internet surfing.

The service also guarantees a stable connection to the Internet at a fairly high speed. Only the server in the U.S. is available for free, the rest are subscription-based. There are a lot of settings in the menu, but those who are not fluent in English will have a hard time.

Also a great VPN server, registered in Canada. In the extension is available about 100 servers in different countries around the world. The scheme of its work is very similar to the previous ones. The restrictions for the free version are as follows – 10 GB of traffic per month, 8 servers in different countries and 1 device to connect. This will be quite enough for a simple Internet user.

The extension blocks all information about your location and carefully hides your IP address. Plus it also hides ads.

VPN extensions couldn’t be simpler. By the way, when you first open the extension window, it displays the most popular sites in your country. It provides proxy services, but does not show you ads.

A big disadvantage – there are restrictions on the time of use, which can be removed only after the registration of a paid subscription.

friGate Light can be considered an improved version of Browsec. It’s more of a proxy server than a VPN for Chrome. It’s easy to use – you just click on the extension icon and it turns on or off. No extra menus or pop-up tabs.

The last free VPN extension for Chrome today is Touch VPN. Even with protection turned on, the speed remains high and the connection is stable.

As soon as the extension is downloaded and installed, VPN is automatically enabled. In the menu you can enable all other functions – ad blocking, cookie blocking and so on.

There are no limitations on functionality – neither on the number of servers, nor on the amount of traffic. The plugin also does not consume a lot of memory, so it works fine even on weak PCs.

As I said before, there are many reasons to use VPN services, and they are not limited to blocking circumvention. They should be considered as a kind of additional means to ensure the safety of the user’s confidential data. I would even equate them to taping the camera and disabling other telemetry settings in Windows 10.

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