World of Warcraft has a long history of development and updates that have collectively made it one of the most popular MMO RPGs in the world.

Many players come to WoW to try out all the main mechanics, experience the famous confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance, master crafting and gathering professions, complete complex mythical raids and go to conquer the Dragon Isles.

For a beginner, in order to fully experience all the game advantages in the format that game developers have conceived, it is advisable to read various sites and forums dedicated to the World of Warcraft and interact with related services, or play on a whim without clear guarantees of success.

Sites and services that will help beginners to better understand the World of Warcraft:

  • Skycoach
  • Wowhead
  • WoW Wiki Fandom
A beginner who gets into the World of Warcraft - what you need to know and read 1


Skycoach is a player assistance service from professional gamers. They will help you master the basic mechanics, learn how to play a character, conduct PVP, teach you how to play a character, upgrade your account, or help with the supply of World of Warcraft gold.


You need a lot of gold to succeed in the world of Azeroth. For gold, all the main operations, interactions with players and merchants take place. You need gold to buy or craft the best equipment. You can just buy yourself the best high level legendary armor and weapons and just level up to level 60 to sail to the Dragon Islands in the best gear possible.

Gold can be farmed through quests, killing monsters, and leveling professions to provide services to other players for money.

Or you can buy World of Warcraft game gold in any quantity from professional Skycoach players. The service guarantees the anonymity and disguise of the transaction as a normal exchange between players, so that the game administration does not have a reason to impose game sanctions.


Coaching is a type of service in which you choose your playing class, and Skycoach provides you with a professional player with the appropriate specialization.

The coach will teach you the technique of leveling and understanding the game meta so that the class is relevant even with a noticeable weakening from the game developers. You will be told the techniques of farming and the selection of professions for mastering the skill of gold mining. The basics and advanced techniques of PvP will be mastered gradually, from single skirmishes and tactics to large-scale battles for control of territory by factions.


A service during which an account with a game character is transferred to a professional Skycoach player for leveling up to level 60, or level 70. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and anonymity. VPN is used for security. Order status can be tracked on the website in real time. After completing the order, it is recommended to change the password.

A beginner who gets into the World of Warcraft - what you need to know and read 2


Wowhead is a large database of tutorials and guides that will help you gradually integrate into the world of Azeroth and experience all the game mechanics as they were intended by the developers from Blizzard Entertainment.

First, decide on your main class. By choosing your specialization in the form of strength, dexterity, or magic, you can narrow down the number of suitable classes and start pumping your character, taking him through all the paths of development.

For example, if you choose a mage, you can go the path of a support mage, or an attack mage. You can be a healer, enchanter, or battle mage and the development path will be different in the ways of pumping, but the equipment will be similar.

It is better to make the first character an attacker – you will still have time to pump a complex class like a healer, it is better to take a battle mage for the first experience.

You can become a fire, ice, or arcane mage.

Fiery – attacks targets with strong magical attacks, with a burning effect, which will cause additional burn damage.

Ice – attacks targets with single attacks with ice effects, which in parallel imposes the effect of hypothermia. Frostbite will greatly reduce combat stats and impose a strong slowdown up to a complete immobilization.

Arcana – attacks targets with combined magic attacks from two stages. Each stage is dependent on each other and without passing a negative effect.

The first attack will deal damage and, if successful, will allow a second attack with more damage and an additional negative effect.

A beginner who gets into the World of Warcraft - what you need to know and read 3

World of Warcraft Wiki Fandom

Wiki Fandom is a database and useful information about everything that may be of interest to the player in the World of Warcraft.

You can find descriptions of NPCs and quests, weapons and armor, jewelry and inscriptions, territories and places to hunt.

Read the statistics and general characteristics of the items you are going to buy or order production through the order table in Dragon Isle.

For example, a weapon – it has several gradations of quality and can be used in different ways.

Green type, created by a blacksmith, or mined from monsters and is not tied to one character, so it can be transferred or sold on the marketplace.

Blue type – has a name binding and from the Dragonflight update you can order the creation of weapons directly from the blacksmith, through the order table on the Dragon Island. You will need an inscription and resources, which you will attach to the order for the artisan and, in combination with the reward, you will be able to find the artist and get the named weapon that you previously had to craft yourself.

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