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Whether it’s a cottage in the mountains, an oceanfront house or condominium, a security system is a smart investment for your vacation property. Just because it’s not your primary residence doesn’t mean you should ignore this feature. Here are five important reasons to invest in a security system for your vacation property.

1) Remote Monitoring

With a security system, you can monitor your vacation property remotely. Some systems feature Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance, allowing you to see exactly what’s happening at the property in real time.

2) Burglary Protection

A security system will protect your vacation property from burglary. It’s no secret that burglars target unoccupied homes and properties. And being that you probably don’t live in your vacation property, this makes it a prime target. A security system, however, will deter burglars from attempting to enter. Upon seeing that a security system protects your home, most burglars will leave and choose a different property to burglarize. In addition to security systems, the presence of security cameras can also act as a deterrent for burglars, increasing the likelihood that they will choose to target a different property instead. Visit this page for more information.

3) Vandalism Protection

It’s disheartening when you arrive at your vacation property, only to discover that it’s been vandalism. Maybe the windows were smashed, or perhaps the driveway was spray-painted with graffiti. Regardless, it takes time and money to repair your property. Thankfully, a security system will protect your vacation property from vandalism. If someone attempts to enter, it will sound an alarm and notify the monitoring company. And if it has video surveillance, it can record criminals in the act. Just the sight of a security system, though, is usually enough to deter would-be vandals.

4) Flood Protection

You’ll also find that many security systems offer flood detection. If a water pipe breaks in your vacation property, it will send you an alert so that you can hire someone to fix it. Without flood detection, an otherwise small water leak could spill hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water onto the floors, causing significant structural damage and increasing the risk of mold.

5) Fire Protection

Finally, some security systems are integrated with smoke detectors. Fire detection is easy with heat-sensing smoke detectors. If a fire breaks out at your vacation property, it will notify you as well as the monitoring company.

While upgrading your vacation property with a security system costs money, it offers several benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t wait until your vacation property is burglarized, vandalized or damaged; Act now to safeguard it with a security system.


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