The emergence of LED lights has seen many households, offices, and businesses abandon traditional lighting systems. The traditional lighting systems consist of fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

Although there are several benefits of smart lights, the following are their outstanding advantages. The smart lighting system enables you to:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Better your security
  • Beautify your business
  • Improve your comfort
  • Boost your safety levels

This article walks through how smart lights are crucial in improving your efficiency, convenience, and security. What is more? Let us take a deep dive into the main content.

1.    Save Energy

The cause of excessive loss of energy in light bulbs is overheating. Traditional light bulbs produce a lot of heat when working.

For example, incandescent bulbs become unmanageably hot when in continuous use beyond 2 hours. They absorb much electric power and waste it into the environment in form of heat.

On the contrary, LED bulbs (used in smart lights) produce little to no heat when in action. More importantly, they control cooling, lighting, and heating in other devices connected to an IoT platform.

The net energy saving from your overall smart lighting system reduces your gross electricity expenses.

2.    Improve Your Comfort

The ability of the smart light bulbs to work in an IoT platform enables you to achieve much comfort when handling the bulbs.

The internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that enables physical devices to automatically interact with others. For example, a typical smart lighting system in a home consists of smart bulbs, speakers, doorbells, digital cameras, and thermostats.

The IoT platform is a channel that coordinates requests and responses within your smart home system. The connection occurs through sensors that speak over the IP addresses of the devices.

Connecting a mobile device to the platform enables you to control the lighting system remotely. You do not have to handle physical switches or move about inspecting the status of the devices in the system.

3.    Secure Your Property

Most thieves, thugs, murders, and undertakers of vandalism take advantage of poor lighting to access your premises. The poor lighting may occur along walkways, corridors, and staircases. 

Smart LED lights are directional types of lights. They have a higher potential to focus on small corridors that would otherwise be hiding places for ill-motived individuals. Additionally, they work longer and have a long lifespan of 1 or 2 decades.

4.    Beautify Your Business

Smart lights are dimmable. You can as well change their color depending on the time of the day and projected mood.

Let us assume you run a restaurant. The more food your customers buy, the larger your profit margin is likely to be. The deal, therefore, becomes making the consumers feel comfortable and willing to spend more.

In the morning and evenings, when the customers are tired and are in bad mood, you can brighten the smart lights to awaken their worn-out spirits. During special occasions such as birthday parties, you can customize the lights to mimic the mood of the event at hand.

Additionally, a well-lit business environment attracts by-passers and customers. More consumers result in more business and more profit. All thanks to smart lights!

5.    Have Confidence in the Safety of Your People

Whether at home or the workplace, you want to maintain the safety of the buildings through a good lighting system. For example, a world-class lighting system enables you to avoid slips and falls at staircases, corridors, and walls since people see their paths clearer.

In case you have young or disabled people around, you can trace their location at any time to ensure they are always safe.


Although traditional lighting systems are important, it is irrelevant to use them if smart lights can give you more efficiency, security, and convenience. The smart light bulbs enable you to save more, improve comfort as well as premise safety.

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