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All of us know that Android is the leading and biggest operating system in the world right now. You would be surprised to know that there are more than 2.5 billion active devices working on Android either smartphones, tablets, or any other.

Almost every one of us uses Android but there could be a need for tracking someone’s android device. There could be many solid reasons where you feel like you have to spy on someone’s android phone around you.

Like if you are a parent and want to keep an eye over your son’s activities by spying on his phone device. The question is how to track an  Android device without getting detected?

The answer to that question is ‘Android Keylogger App’, this type of app is basically a phone spy app that can be used for tracking any phone device.

You can use this app to monitor any target android device without getting detected. As there are dozens of Android keylogger apps available in the market so which one is safe to use? No need to worry because we got the 10 best Android keylogger apps so you can choose one for yourself.

Top 10 Android Phone Spying Apps for 2020

We are going to review some top-rated phone spying apps for you, all of these apps are safe and professional when it comes to phone tracking. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go down, have a look at the list of top  10 cellphone spying apps, and let’s start discussing each app one by one. 

  •  Minspy
  •  Spyier
  •  Spyine
  • Spyic
  •  NeatSpy
  • ClickFree
  • Spyfone
  • Fonemonitor
  • Spyera
  • SpytoMobile

1- Minspy- An Innovative Android Keylogger App

Minspy is a leading spying app offering dozens of phone spying services to all customers around the world. People put their trust in the Minspy app for safe and professional phone tracking. From employees to parents, almost everyone is using Minspy on a daily basis.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 1

This is a very powerful phone tracking app that doesn’t only spy Android devices but iOS devices as well. You have to go through the whole Minspy review in order to learn more about this amazing phone monitoring solution.

This brand new phone spying doesn’t ask users to engage in any risky phone activities like Root or Jailbreak. People can use Minspy to spy on any phone device without any restrictions or limits.  Also, no need to worry about getting caught because the Minspy app runs on Stealth mode. Confused? Stealth mode is like a hidden mode which makes Minspy 100% undetectable so you can spy on any phone device without getting detected.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 2

The interesting thing about Minspy is that there are about 35 spying features added in this app and each feature is up to the user’s expectations. You can track call records, messages, location, social media apps, and much more in any target Android device using the Minspy app. You can visit the official website of Minspy to find more info about the best android keylogger in the market. 

2- Spyier

Spyier is another quality and smartphone tracking app that customers are using. Parents are using Spyier for locating their kids’ locations and keeping an eye on their activities.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 3

This app has everything that you could expect from any top-quality phone monitoring app. Dozens of spy features facilitating customers to spy on any target Android or iPhone device according to their preferences. 

3- Spyine

Looking forward to using an easy and simple phone spying app that is not complex? Try Spyine. This spy app has a very eye-catching and welcoming user interface for every user to use for spying on any Android device without any issues.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 4

There are no risks involved in using a Spyine phone tracking app. You will not have to Root or Jailbreak your phone for performing phone tracking. 

4- Spyic

Spyic comes in the list of some best phone spying apps in the market right now. This app is a package that includes everything you need to track any phone device.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 5

Either you want to track call records, text messages, or location, Spyic allows every phone spying task. Both Android and iPhone devices can be tracked using Spyic. For more information, you can visit the official site of Spyic.

5- NeatSpy

NeatSpy gives you safe and complete access to any phone device you want to track. Either its an Android or an iPhone, you can track every smartphone device without getting detected. Like other top cell phone tracking apps, NeatSpy can be used on any web browser on any device either PC or phone.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 6

Create an account on NeatSpy, configure the target phone device, and start spying on that device right from your NeatSpy dashboard screen. 

6- ClickFree

Another phone tracking app, another best solution for cell phone monitoring. Using ClickFree, you can track all third party apps including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps.

10 Best Android Keylogger in 2020 (100% Works) 7

You can learn the whole phone tracking procedure in a few mins by visiting the official site of ClickFree.

7- SpyFone

SpyFone is something you would not like to miss, this spying app has some mind blowing spy features. Besides common tracking features, users can also perform other remote-tracking acts like audio recording, taking a picture, viewing phone screen activities, phone apps blocking and many other new phone tracking features. Almost every single installed app on the target phone can be tracked using 

8- Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor as its name tells itself how much this app can offer when it comes to phone monitoring. WIth Fonemonitor, you can almost do anything like having complete access over any target Android or iPhone device.

It has some new and extraordinary spying features like WiFi logger, App Block, Email tracking, Voice tracking, and many others. Spying on Android and iPhone has never been this much easy and simple like it is today due to apps like Fonemonitor.

9- Spyera

Spy on photos, apps, calls, text messages, location, and almost everything in the device you want to track. Tablets and smartphones can be tracked using Spyer regardless of their OS which means it can track both Android and iOS devices.

Spyera offers safe and reliable spying services to its customers around the world. By the way, the Spyera app allows safe phone tracking which means no one can detect you spying on a phone device not even a device owner itself. 

10-  SpytoMobile

Reviewing at the last doesn’t mean that SpytoMobile is a low-quality spy app. In fact, SpytoMobile doesn’t compromise on the standard and quality of spying services. This app can assist parents in tracking the phone device of their kids to avoid any mishap. SpytoMobile is a well-decorated and beautifully-designed spy app for everyone to use without acquiring any IT skills.

We’ve reviewed all top 10 phone spying apps so now hoping that going through this whole guide will help you in choosing the right spy app for yourself. Remember that most of the discussed spying apps are web-based which means you can run them on any web browser using any device either its a PC or phone. 

Final Thoughts

After reviewing all top phone spying apps, we can say that each reviewed app is itself a professional phone spying solution. All of these Android keyloggers have an ability to not only track Android devices but iOS as well.

We have realized that professional phone spying apps like Minspy don’t ask users to perform Root or Jailbreak type activities in order to perform phone spying. The main aim of top apps is to provide safe and risk-free spying services to the users.

We came to know that you don’t have to have any IT or hacking skills to use these apps, almost everyone can use this app easily. In the end, it all depends on you which spy app you go with according to your budget and requirements.

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