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Are you familiar with the name Tyler “Ninja” Blevins? A professional gamer and streamer, his fortune stands at $ 15 million, making him the richest gamer in the world. What luck to be able to transform your passion into a profession! 

For this to become possible, however, the occupation must be taken seriously. At the cost of long hours spent in front of the screen, high-performance computer equipment, and a professional gaming room. Today, we are here to help you find out exactly how to set it up!

The ultimate guide to a successful home gaming decor

The usual challenge most gamers face is how to find space for a gaming room? Furnishing a room entirely dedicated to gaming is a dream often doomed to remain in the confines of the impossible. Of course that sounds good, but can you afford such luxury in a small studio? 

In such a tiny flat, even a small gaming nook or mezzanine would be quite difficult to set up. On the other hand, if you have a basement or convertible attic space, don’t hesitate to transform it into a gaming room. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to isolate the play area from the private space. 

Another major challenge as a professional gamer resides in perpetual telecommuting. Otherwise, a gaming corner could fit into a living room or a larger bedroom, if you wouldn’t have the need to find a way to ensure privacy.

Your gaming room interior design plan 1

What about the furniture?

Which gaming chair or table would make you feel comfortable for hours in a row? A question which needs a fast answer, and which leads us to a crucial step – finding the best furniture for your gaming room.  It must be designed, or at least chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of a gamer’s space. 

An ergonomic desk for optimal comfort

Which gaming desk should you choose for optimal storage? This step should be taken according to the same principle of functionality that we talked about a little earlier.Particular attention must be paid to its robustness and width. The more consoles, screens, and computer peripherals, the more space you will need. Likewise, the desk should be chosen so that it can support the weight of the gaming equipment. 

When it comes to materials and design, there is a tremendous amount of things to choose from. However, if you don’t like the idea of ​​spending a colossal amount of money, you could roll up your sleeves and make your own DIY desk out of wood pallets, for example. 

To further optimize space and avoid chaos, consider using organizers for your cables. Finally, for an optimal gaming experience – a preferably wireless router is recommended.

The gaming desk – other essential element of comfort

How to create a great gaming atmosphere? We believe the last step to help you polish your gaming room is the decoration. The atmosphere should allow total immersion in the game. 

Posters and gaming wall stickers are an easy way to personalize the walls. The choice of a rug, curtain, tapestry or other decorative elements with gamer prints are other ideas we encourage you to take into account. 

Install more shelves or a bookcase to display your precious collection of geek objects and pay attention to the play of lights and the quality of the sound, which are essential to give the impression of fusion between real and virtual. Using smart lighting would also allow you to create party games based on virtual reality. Quality isolating speakers and headphones are another necessity when it comes to sound.

How to make that gaming desk fit the interior?

There are several criteria to be taken into account:

– The space available in the room

– The existing decoration

– The number of screens to install

– The need for storage

– Cable clutter

– The weight of the gaming center

All of this influences the type of to choose. Depending on the layout of the room, but also according to your desires, several options are available on our online catalog:

– corner desks for gaming

– desks with an extension for the screens

– LED desks, for a nice backlighting

– large gaming desks or a smaller version for small spaces

– sturdy metal models with wooden or tempered glass tops

Your gaming room interior design plan 2

Once the ideal desk has been found to furnish your bedroom, all you have to do is choose a gaming chair.

On the aesthetic side, there are remarkable armchair and chair designs, with a futuristic and geeky look. But rather than focusing on great looks, think about comfort.

Finally, if you have made gaming into your main profession, you will probably spend several hours playing in a seated position. To prevent back problems and other musculoskeletal disorders, we encourage you to opt for an ergonomic office chair such as those found on New York Furniture Outlets. Lumbar support, headrest, adjustable armrests, reclining backrest – all these additional features would add to the feeling of comfort.

What about trends and nice ways to level up the whole look of the gaming room?

Trendy gaming furniture

For a gaming decoration at the forefront of the trend, we would advise you to opt for modern furniture with clean lines. From the desk to a bright TV cabinet, including a display case for gamers, you can adapt your interior to your hobby. For a modern decor, do not hesitate to favor sober colors, such as black and white.

These colors will blend beautifully with all the other tones in your home. You will be able to associate them with:

– Your living room rug

– Your curtains

– Your fabric or leather sofa

For a harmonious whole, do not hesitate to also choose matching furniture, in the same material and color.

Which TV cabinet to choose?

Your gaming decor in, for example, the living room, goes first and foremost through the TV cabinet which will allow you to place all your equipment. From the connected television to the game console, including the internet box, you need a variety of storage spaces. To do this, opt for a piece of furniture with niches and drawers

For a trendy decor, bet on a piece of gaming furniture with LED lighting, like those from the Retrogamer range. They will be perfect for playing in the dark. White or black, backlit in blue, green or red, these elements can match any style of decor.

A trendy lounge for gamers

Combining decor and gaming is much easier than it looks! Your gaming corner can be associated with:

– A coffee table in the same color

– A carpet chosen in contrasting tones

– Nice curtains

– A comfortable sofa, in which your friends can spend hours playing

On your TV cabinet, you can place some decorative accessories, such as:

– A green plant

– A tealight with a candle

– A picture frame

Next to your furniture, there’s nothing like a backlit gaming display case. It will be perfect to accommodate books or all your precious figurines!

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