These days, it is common to see electric cars on the roads with more and more motorists making the switch. This is fantastic to see as electric vehicles can play such a major role in reducing environmental damage, but what about motorbikes? While there are some electric motorbikes on the road, the statistics show that the electric motorbike revolution is behind the electric car one but there are reasons to be optimistic.

Struggling to Keep Pace

The Institute of the Motor Industry show that just 1.3% of all new registered motorbikes are electric compared to just over 10% of new cars. This is quite a large gap and one that likely to grow with the car industry taking great strides and the UK Government encouraging people to switch. The most obvious example of this is the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars, which does not include motorbikes.

Less Urgency

Motorbikes are not included in the ban because they are a cleaner way to get around and contribute less than 1% of CO2 emissions for UK transport, but the Department of Transport will consult with the Motorcycle Action Group and this could change in the coming years.

Key Figures Calling for Change

There is less innovation and urgency for motorcyclists to make the switch, but some names in the industry are starting to encourage people to do so. Harley-Davidson may not be the first brand to spring to mind when thinking about green, quiet vehicles, but in 2019 they released the highly regarded Livewire, which can provide the same thrill as their classic models but with an eco-friendly performance.

The Best Bikes

There are many other great electric motorbikes to choose from currently as well. These include the Zero, Zepp, Curtiss and Verge just as a few examples. Electric motorbikes may not be the cheapest vehicles on the market, but you must consider the cost-saving that you can make with these vehicles when it comes to both fuel and road tax. Additionally, like electric cars, there is also a plug-in motorcycle grant that will cover 20% of the cost up to £1,500.


Whether you buy a traditional combustion engine motorcycle or one of the electric models mentioned above, it is always important that you take great care of your vehicle. This will include taking out motorbike insurance that will provide protection for accidents and breakdowns and you should always find coverage from a specialist provider.

The electric motorcycle revolution may not be accelerating quite like the car one is, but progress is being made and the future looks bright with so many great models to choose from and the technology and infrastructure improving. Hopefully, more motorcyclists will start making the switch and enjoying the many benefits that electric vehicles can bring.

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